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Advantages of Rifton Adaptive Stander Range

Recent research results have shown that standing gives assistance to enhanced/improved intestinal motility, musculoskeletal development, postural control, pulmonary function, and reduce tone. (Refer here:

Rifton Adaptive Stander could be convenient to several people with compromised musculoskeletal systems. Best known for their simple design, adjustability and manufactured quality, Rifton produces a line of adaptive standers.

For the purpose of opting the most appropriate Rifton Adaptive Stander below is a detailed comparison between various Rifton Standers. If you are still not sure which Rifton Stander is best for your special need kid, do not hesitate to give us a call on the toll free number.

Rifton Supine Stander

Rifton Supine Stander

For the people who are medically complex, entitled for greater social interaction along with the personal association in a wide range of therapeutic or recreational activities could be benefited from Rifton Supine Stander as the stander comes up with several standing opportunities for such patients. User could be safely assisted into the standing position by using the angle adjustments on these standers ideally for the users who have been bedridden for a long time or having significant musculoskeletal weakness. Being able to standing changes the overview of how a person sees and experiences the world. At the same time, weight-bearing through the lower extremities can be initiated.






Advantages of Rifton Supine stander

  • Standing possibilities for medically involved patients: For the patients with tracheotomy, stability is provided posteriorly making it a pleasant option for them. The firm mainboard of the Supine Stander allows users with significant musculoskeletal weakness secondary to prolonged immobilization the opportunity to be positioned upright.
  • Gradual progression to an upright position: For the patients who have been bedridden for a long time, the angle adjustable stander is advantageous for facilitating individuals to a standing position. Ranging from horizontal to upright standing, it is a good option for people with orthostatic hypotension to lessen the adverse hemodynamic response from a rapid change in position.
  • Upright interaction: With the help of the Rifton Adaptive Stander, the user could easily be at eye level with their peers, participating in activities and initiating communication as it enables to reach 85 degrees of upright positioning.
  • Improving head control: The Rifton Adaptive Stander avails the opportunities to initiate and maintain head control as the head support on the stander could be easily flipped down.
  • Safer Transfers: Safer & easier transfers to the stander from a wheelchair or bed is now possible through Rifton Adaptive Stander as the large Supine Stander provides horizontal adjustments of the mainboard from 21 to 30 inches, allowing for easier transfers.

Rifton Prone Stander

Rifton Prone Stander

For better postural control the Rifton Prone Stander gives users the added challenge of working their trunk and neck muscles against gravity. The angle-adjustable mainboard encourages gradual weight-bearing and hip range of motion while providing anterior stability. Users are allowed to interact at eye-level with their peers and also are able to work with both hands, if using Rifton Prone Stander. It is exceptionally easy to operate, adjust and interact with the user using Rifton Prone Stander as suggested by the therapists and caregivers.






Advantages of Rifton Prone stander

  • Upright social interaction: Users are provided with the opportunity to be at eye-level with their peers and participate in class activities while still being adequately supported at the trunk, with the help of the adjustability from horizontal to 85 degrees of upright positioning offered by the Rifton Prone Stander.
  • Intellectually benefitting head and trunk control: The main board could easily be lowered to increase the postural challenge to the upper trunk. The prone tilt of the main board engages the pull of gravity on the head and upper trunk cueing the use of the neck and trunk extensor muscles in maintaining an upright head position.
  • Minimizing extensor tone: The pull of gravity to counteract extensor tone and thrust is been engaged by the prone tilt of the main board.
  • Pressure relief: In additional to the relieving pressure on the ischia tuberosity and other areas susceptible to skin breakdown, a Rifton Prone Stander can offer a great temporary alternative to wheelchair positioning.
  • Gradual increase in weight-bearing: The rate and amount of weight-bearing the user can manage comfortably could easily be monitored as the zero to 85 degree angle adjustment is calibrated for accurate positioning making it easy to monitor.
  • Better hip extension and alignment: Hip range of motion and integrity can be maintained in the prone position with the firm anterior support and the abductor options.

Rifton Dynamic Stander

Rifton Dynamic Stander

Rifton Dynamic Stander is a therapeutic progression from the Rifton Prone Stander as it facilitates a more vertical posturing with weight-bearing and balance challenges similar to those experienced with independent standing. The Rifton Dynamic Stander provides self-propelled exploration and freedom due to the availability of large wheels in place & if removed the stander makes accessing a table or countertop a cinch. Users can busily interact with their peers and their environments, not even realizing they’re working on weight-shifting, balance and postural control at the same time with this range of possibilities.






Advantages of Rifton Dynamic stander

  • Social interaction: Eye-level interaction with their peers and participation in class activities is facilitated as the users are placed in an upright and mobile position.
  • Independent mobility: The Rifton Dynamic Stander can be self-propelled providing the user opportunities to independently explore their environment with the help of the large wheels.
  • Improved weight-bearing: The Rifton Dynamic Stander can support users with partial to full weight-bearing abilities and those with lower extremity contractures to help improve musculoskeletal development, with the use of the seat pad.
  • Improved weight-shifting and postural control: The self-propelled mobility offered by the Dynamic Stander stimulates postural righting reactions and weight shifting.
  • Improved trunk control: The Dynamic Stander can be used in the reverse position to challenge trunk control. Additionally, the adjustable body support on the Dynamic Stander can be lowered to promote independent trunk control.
We are always happy to help our valued customers in choosing the right product for their special needs.