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Columbia Pediatric AquaLift Bath Lift System

Aqualift bath lifer system by Columbia Medical is fully portable, easy to operate and light weight bath lifter. Aqualift bath lifter is ideal for home use. Designed for people who have difficulty in getting in and out of the bath tub. Aqualift is battery operated bath lifter. Able to accommodate up to 300 pounds. The back reclines to 82 degrees when the lift is at its highest position, and 57 degrees when at its lowest position (seat does not tilt)

Columbia Pediatric AquaLift Bath Lift System
Columbia Pediatric AquaLift Bath Lift System

Features and Benefits

  • Low voltage 14.4V "Smart" battery, a safety mechanism that prevents the chair from lowering when there is not enough power to fully raise the chair after use
  • Suction cups keep lifter from sliding
  • Back reclines
  • Side flap for easy lateral transfer
  • Easy to use soft-touch control
  • Battery charger
  • Latex and silicone free
  • Easy to operate
  • No installation or tools required
  • Fits most bath tubs
  • Provides versatile positioning
  • Highly portable
  • Easily disassembles for storage or travel
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