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ArjoHuntleigh MaxiSlide

Product Name Model Price Qty
ArjoHuntleigh MaxiTransfer ArjoHuntleigh MaxiTransfer NSA0700-INT4
ArjoHuntleigh MaxiRoll ArjoHuntleigh MaxiRoll NSA0800-INT4
ArjoHuntleigh MaxiMini ArjoHuntleigh MaxiMini NSA0900-INT4
ArjoHuntleigh MaxiTube ArjoHuntleigh MaxiTube NSA0600-INT4
  • Hygiene product - "no returns will be accepted, no exceptions"



    ArjoHuntleigh MaxiSlide is a fast and convenient solution for many everyday handling situations; including common bedside activities such as moving, turning or sitting up the resident/patient. Routines involving lateral transfers and resident/patient repositioning can be performed safely and efficiently.

    There are different MaxiSlide products to cover everyday key tasks using traditional working techniques.

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    MaxiTube: A small extension tube to be used with the standard bed length MaxiSlides - when the patient is taller than the sheets.

    MaxiTransfer: An easy-to-use lateral slide transfer device. Full bed length tubular slide.

    MaxiRoll: A tubular slide for lateral transfers. Longer and wider than the MaxiTransfer.

    MaxiMini: Half bed length tubular slides, which are quick and easy-to-use for a wide variety of maneuvers.


    Additional Info

    SKU AHMaxiSlide
    Model MaxiSlide
    Brands ArjoHuntleigh
    Technical Specifications
    Model no. Product Dimension
    NSA0600-INT4 MaxiTube 23" W x 17" D
    NSA0700-INT4 MaxiTransfer 77" W x 17" D
    NSA0800-INT4 MaxiRoll 35.5" W x 82" D
    NSA0900-INT4 MaxiMini 35" W x 43" D

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    • Unfortunately hygiene items cannot be returned once opened, due to health concerns.
    • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions are applicable for return policy of this product.

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