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ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub

ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub enables an efficient bathing cycle and provides a safe, relaxed bathing environment with maximum benefits for the resident/client.

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ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub is designed to improve efficiency in the assisted bathing and showering of adult residents at care facilities. Parker bath tub make tasks easier and safer, a single caregiver can safely manage the entire bathing cycle, which involves no manual lifting, strain or stress. The combination of hand controls, a reclined bathing position and height adjustability helps caregiver, always work at the correct height and close to the resident/client.

A separate hand control for powered functions of raising/lowering and reclining the tub, time-saving features such as auto-fill, and sophisticated control of bathing conditions. An integrated disinfection system minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Parker is a side-entry bathing system that allows easy access for residents with various degrees of mobility. A range of options such as an Air Spa and Sound & Vision™ are available to enhance the bathing experience.

Improved efficiency - The easy-to-use system ensures efficient bathing routines. Side entry bath access and mobile aid integration mean smooth transfers with no manual lifting.

Optimum disinfection ensured - Parker bath tub has an internal integrated disinfection and air spa system; the most time-efficient solution for disinfecting the bath’s external surfaces.

A faster, better bathing cycle - Every aspect of this bathing system is designed to save time. Auto-fill enables the bath to be filled to a preset level while the caregiver transports the resident/client.

A superior bathing experience - A range of options, such as air spa and sound & vision, enable you to create a calm, multi-sensory bathroom environment and the ideal conditions for helping residents/clients of all ages to relax.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supplied with pop-up drain and built-in surface overflow outlet
  • Optional auto-fill feature that pre-fills the foot well to a preset level (96 L)
  • Made from GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) for maximum strength and durability
  • Two built-in soft touch grab rails - contoured for maximum grip - for safe entry and exit
  • Molding incorporates ergonomically designed internal features for maximum comfort and safety
  • Shower handle with lock button on the side of the handle for a constant water flow and improved showering process
  • Optional 9 jet air spa system - can be activated and managed via the control panel or handheld control unit for an optimum bathing experience.
  • Integrated thermostatic water controls for filling and showering, with twin digital temperature displays for monitoring bath filling level and shower water temperature.

Key features:

Optional air spa: The adjustable Air Spa has 2 zones, footwell or whole tub, and 2 intensity settings.

Optional Sound & vision: The built-in system provides colored underwater light and MP3 music selection.

Hand control: As well as raising, lowering and tilting the tub, the hand control can now control air spa settings.

Shower handle & holder: A new lock button feature means continuous water flow without holding in the trigger.

Integrated disinfection: The built-in disinfection system ensures system hygiene for tub surfaces and Air Spa system.

Versatile tub direction: The stand-alone tub can be fitted to point in either direction, allowing flexibility for fitting pipes.

New control panel: Digital temperature displays for monitoring tub water and shower/fill temperatures. Enhanced control of air spa, disinfection and auto-fill.

Advanced safety features:

  • Battery back-up: Battery back-up in the event of a power failure
  • Emergency stop (all functions): Emergency stop that will stop all functions, in the event of danger
  • Low-level indicator (disinfection): Low disinfection fluid level indicator, to ensure the bath is always disinfected with correct ratio of disinfection fluid
  • Scalding protection: Scald protection, that switches off the fill and shower water, in the unlikely event that a harmful water temperature of 113°F (45°C) is reached
  • Functions lock system: The Parker is available with a functions lock which, if pressed, prevents activation/deactivation of the following functions: auto-fill, shower, air spa, raise/lower bath, tilt bath and disinfection. This permits the caregiver to avoid unintentional changes. The function lock LED flashes yellow when active


Additional Info

Model AL26010‐US
Brand ArjoHuntleigh Homecare
Technical Specifications
ArjoHuntleigh Parker height-adjustable reclining bath tub
Bath length in upright position 73"
Bath length in reclined position 77 1/8”
Bath width 29 1/2”
Height of door with bath in highest position, feet in lowest position 98 7/8”
Height of door with bath in highest position, feet in lowest position 98 7/8”
Max resident/client weight 463 lbs.
Max Load (resident/client + water) 661 lbs.
Transfer height at lowest position 22 1/4”
Transfer height at highest position 27"
Max duty cycle lift/Hi-Lo1 min ON, 9 min OFF
Max duty cycle air apa15 min ON, 15 min OFF
Operating forces of controls (control panel) 4 N
Operating forces of controls (handheld control unit) 3 N
Operating forces of controls (S&V handheld control unit) 3 N
Medical equipment type B
Water supply
Water consumption (pre-filled footwell volume) 25.4 gal (96 L)
Filling time at 3 Bar (43.5 psi) dynamic pressure (pre-fill) 100 sec
Water content up to overflow level 60.8 gal (230 L)
Water content up to autofill level 25.4 gal (96 L)
Emptying time from autofill level (96 L) 3 min
Thermometer display range 50°-158°F (10°-70°C)
Accuracy of thermometer display 2°F (+/-1°C)
Sound levels
Sound level at raising/lowering Hi/Lo, no load 61 dBA
Sound level of air spa 83 dBA
Sound level tilt no load 60 dBA
Raising time with full load (approx.) 16 +/-5 sec
Lowering time with full load (approx.) 12 +/-5 sec
Battery type lead 24 V
Battery type number 59776
IP classification
IP class IP X4
IP class handheld control and Sound & Vision handheld control IP X7
The Parker, depending on selected options (excluding packaging) 273 - 289 lbs.

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Regular Price: $16,129.96

Special Price $15,361.87

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