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ArjoHuntleigh Sara Plus Stand Up Patient Lift

The Sara Plus is a battery operated mobile stand up hoist and rehab walker. It has an adjustable and removable knee pad and removable footplate. The hoist has an arm support with hand-grips. It has a range of sling options and is suitable for use in domestic settings or healthcare facilities. Sara Plus Stand-up Patient Lift is an advanced standing and raising aid. It widens the range of residents who can enjoy mobility-activation benefits and can provide balance, stepping and walking training.


  • Its specific design enables a single nurse or care giver to raise resident in a standing position, comfortably and securely for stress free dressing, toileting and transferring. Slings designed for specific tasks are used for standing and transfers.
  • The First-step system incorporating the Proactive Pad, a height-adjustable knee support, enables a range of training exercises directly on the floor.
  • Sara Plus patient lift options includes built-in electronic scale, commode seat and leg straps.
sara plus patient lift - arjohuntleigh
sara plus patient lift - arjohuntleigh

sara plus patient lift comfort circle

The Comfort Circle

The unique benefits of the Comfort Circle are many. When the arm supports are used by the resident/occupant for support during standing it can relieve the stress on to the hip and knee joints which are particularly vulnerable in elderly people. Arm rests and hand grips provides the patient an instant feeling of security and provides much needed upper body support during the lifting process. Feeling of fer, dizziness and instability are greatly reduces in the patients due to support provided by the arc rest and the sling within the comfort circle, thereby enhancing patient and caregiver confidence. The pro-active pad, a height adjustable knee support, moves the patient/resident to stimulate a natural flexion of the lower leg during standing.

sara plus patient lift enhancing mobility

Enhancing Mobility Through Exercise

Sara Plus is the only standing and raising aid that is designed for balance, stepping and walking training. The revolutionary first step system allows simple removal of the footplate and Pro-active pad, Sara Plus becomes an optimal platform for exercise sessions.

Sara Plus simulates a normal sit to stand movement of a healthy, non impaired person without assistance. The sit to stand movement involves over three major joints the hip, the knee and the ankle. The angles visible in these joints when using the Sara Plus are similar to the angles necessary for functional STS movement. The unique geometry of the lift and the combination of the Arc-Best and Proactive Pad allows a more natural extension pattern of the body while standing. This training aspect gives SARA Plus an even more valuables patients/residents and therapists to work together to achieve a natural movement while standing.

sara plus patient lift sling solutions

Sling Solutions

Lifting sling is an integral part of any transfer, and a range of solutions are available to suit specific needs. In addition to the basic standing sling, a special BOS sling enables standing in a more upright position, more favorable for rehabilitation. The transfer / walking sling supports residents/patients who need to be transferred in a seated position, and is ideal for walking exercises.

sara plus patient lift movable patient liftSara Plus patient lift assists caregivers in moving and mobilizing patients and residents during everyday activities such as transfers and toileting.

SARA Plus extends the mobility-activating benefits of the lift to more patients/residents than ever before and will contribute to improving not only the quality of care, but the quality of the patients/residents everyday lives by increasing mobilization and circulation.

SARA Plus utilizes the ARJO Comfort Circle which enables the caregiver to raise more patients than ever before into a standing position comfortably and securely for stress free dressing, toileting and transferring. The key is the extra support given by the Comfort Circle which is comprised of the Arc-Rest and sling selected for individual needs.

Suitable for Carl & Doris *
C Carl, who sits in a wheelchair and has little capacity to support himself
D Doris*, who has no capacity to support herself
* With the unique support of the EPS/BOS sling, a raising and transfer is feasible