Bath Safety Aids

Bath Safety Aids are products which give people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly the ability to do everyday tasks with ease. These products aid help to prevent the accidents and offer comfort, stability and safety with independence in the bathroom. This category features commode chairs. Rehab shower commode chairs, shower trolleys, bath boards, bath lifts and many more.

Bath Safety Aids-

Rehab Shower Commode Chairs

Rehab Shower Commode Chairs can be used as a shower chair, a commode or for any other toileting purposes. They combine durability and comfort which allow individual to handle shower and toilet activities with greater ease.

  • These chairs can tilt up to 40° to provide extra pressure reduction and comfort.
  • Polished stainless steel frame is designed for easy side and front access by the user or attendant.
  • Offer caregivers an ideal working environment for showering hair washing, pedicure and toileting routines.
  • Their wheels help maximize the maneuverability which makes the chair easy to propel without compromising with the security.

Bath Transfer Systems

Bath Transfer Systems permit individual to safely transfer the patient from the commode to shower or tub. They can be used for positioning, as a bedside commode, over-the-toilet commode, roll-in shower chair and bath slider.

  • Help to optimize safety and reduce the need for transfers in the bathroom which can lead to injuries.
  • Designed to offer ideal positioning care for children with mild to moderate levels of physical disabilities.
  • These systems can be configured to apt the users showering and postural requirements and can be customized for the user’s bathroom environment.

Commode Chairs

Commode Chairs can be used as a toilet and provide bathroom assistance. They can be used for people who face problem to get on and off the toilet due to joint problems, aging, balance problem, surgery, weakness which makes trips to the bathroom difficult.

  • These chairs are easy to clean and are durable.
  • Help reduce the risk of falling as water and moisture can cause falls in the bathroom and make the surfaces slippery.

Transfer Benches

Transfer Benches are specifically designed to put half inside the bath tub and half outside the bath tub for providing security while transfer to and from the tub and bathing. They are basically designed to slide into the bathtub or shower from a wheelchair.

  • Their locking suction cups provide added versatility and safety.
  • These transfer benches are reversible to accommodate any bathroom.
  • Assist people who have trouble stepping in and out of the bath securely.
  • Basically offer a place to sit outside the tub before moving to a shower seat.
  • Most of them have aluminum frame which is lightweight, sturdy and corrosion resistant.

Shower Chairs/Stools

Shower Chairs/Stools are designed to help while showering and make bathing routines easy and comfortable as possible. They are easy to clean and are durable with power-coated frames.

  • Help clients who have difficulty in sitting in a standard bath tub or standing in the shower.
  • They are ideal for individual with limited mobility and help avoid accidents in the bathrooms.
  • Assist patients recovering from surgeries and injuries or for people going through rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other therapeutic procedures.

Special Needs Bath Lifts

Special Needs Bath Lifts give the confidence and ease to the individual user to safely get in and out of tub without the worry of slipping or falling. They can greatly improve the life of physically disabled people and weak elderly people who want to maintain as much independence as possible and look after them.

  • Portable, easy to store as well as lightweight lifts.
  • They offer maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use.
  • Designed for individuals with difficulty getting in and out of the tub.
  • These bath lifts runs off a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to worry about mains leads.

Toilet Safety Frames

Toilet Safety Frames are metal frame mounted around the toilet which offer support in sitting down and rising from the seat.

  • They are sturdy and lightweight which provide additional comfort and support.
  • Designed to surround the toilet thereby providing supports when transferring both on and off the toilet.
  • Assist individuals recovering from hip or knee surgery, or who have a physical condition which makes sitting and rising from a toilet problematic.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats are attachments on current toilet to add extra height for the user making sit down and rise up easier and help to prevent falls.

  • Ideal for people with knee bending problem, arthritis and knee pain.
  • Allow a patient to more easily get up from and down to a regular home toilet.
  • They help decrease the distance for individual to sit from a standing position to their toilet.

Shower Trolleys

Shower Trolleys allow the caregiver to transport patients from the bed to the shower, and also back again. Their interface provides an easy-to-maneuver and easy-to-use hygiene solution for both caregivers and immobile patients.

  • Eliminate manual lifting which reduces the risk of back injuries.
  • Ideal for individual restricted to bed and need a caregiver to assist them with showering.
  • Also allow the caregiver to maintain an ergonomic position though assisting the user with washing, drying, dressing and undressing.

Specialty Bath Tubs

Specialty Bath Tubs allow individuals with limitations to have a more pleasant bathing experience.

  • Intended to make bath time comfortable and their construction permit liberty to move around in.
  • They can be height adjustable which allow individual to set it to a height to promote good standing posture for the caregiver.

Bath Boards

Bath Boards are designed to make having a bath a much easier and more relaxing experience for those who struggle to get into and out of the bath, by removing the need to step into the bath.

  • These boards are portable for easy storage and travel.
  • They add convenience, comfort and safety to the bathroom.
  • Allow the user to move safely over to the bath and also provides a safe and comfortable seat.

Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories are lightweight, durable and easy to clean devices. They provide additional stability, making bathing safe and secure.

  • Easy to install without the need of any tools.
  • Ideal for those individuals with physical limitations.