Benches and Tables

Benches and tables offer a stable surface for practicing a variety of activities and skills and to achieve maximum arm and hand movements for play, learning and daily living skills. They facilitate movement in sitting, crawling or stair climbing. They are ideal for home, therapy, or school programs and for children who need a firm seat that can be adjusted so that the child's feet rest on the floor. We carry variety of benches and tables of top brands like Kaye, Bailey, Ormesa.

Benches and Tables-

Therapy benches

Therapy benches are designed to assist in a wide range of children's therapy programmes both at home and school.

  • Quick, hassle-free height adjustability of these benches helps to accommodate users from children to adults.
  • They can play a significant role in assisting children to progress from floor-based therapy to kneeling and from kneeling through to standing.
  • Therapists use them in physical, occupational and speech therapy, particularly when the child needs a stable sitting surface to attain extreme arm and hand movements for play, learning, and daily living activities.

Therapy Tables

Therapy Tables provide a stable, comfortable sitting platform. They help to keep young patients calm and relaxed during a medical examination in doctor’s offices, clinics or hospitals.

  • They are easy to maintain, strong and available in a wide selection of heights, widths and lengths.
  • Usually used by healthcare specialists such as physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists or massage therapists.