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Bodypoint Hardware


 Bodypoint® hardware provides a wide range of mounting options for all your seating equipment.
Framesaver™ Clamp
Fits Tube Size: Ø7/8" (22mm) and
Ø1" (25mm), Optional shim for Ø3/4"
(19mm) tube also available (part no. HW303-19SHIM)

HW303-b-2 Quantity/Kit: 2
HW303-b-10 Quantity/Kit: 10
HW303-b-50 Quantity/Kit: 50
HW303-b-100 Quantity/Kit: 100
Aluminum Frame Clamp
This double screw clamp allows you to separately secure the mounting position prior to attaching your accessory–even on an upholstered seat rail!
HW310-22-A-4 Ø7/8" (22mm) Quantity: 4
HW310-22-A-50 Ø7/8" (22mm) Quantity: 50
HW310-25-A-4 Ø1" (25mm) Quantity: 4
HW310-25-A-50 Ø1" (25mm) Quantity: 50
Quick-Release Connector
The patented Bodypoint Quick-Release Connector provides an easily detached, solid mount that can be quickly released–even with weak hand function. The simple and reliable push-to-close, pull-to-release mechanism can be operated with one hand and locked for extra security when needed. With a slim, 1/2" profile and durable stainless steel and Delrin construction, these versatile mounts fit securely in all but the most inaccessible places. HW311 Quantity: 1
Cam Buckles Sold in pairs.
FS032-2 Width: 1" (25mm)
Ø Hole: 3/16" (5mm)
FS033-2 Width: 1-1/2" (38mm)
Ø Hole: 1/4" (6mm)
FS034-2 Width: 2" (50mm)
Ø Hole: 1/4" (6mm)
Mounting Clamp
HW404 Tube size: Ø3/4"
(19mm) X Ø7/8" (22mm)
HW404-2 Pair
HW406 Tube size: Ø3/4"
(19mm) X 1" (25mm)
HW406-2 Pair

 Clickit ® and Fixit ™ Seat Latch
Clickit Seat-Latch
Spring-loaded latch release; secures solid seating
drop hooks to wheelchair tubing.
Fits Tube Size: Ø1" (25mm)
and Ø7/8" (22mm) with shim.
HW600-1 Quantity: 1
HW600-4 Quantity: 4
HW600-10 Quantity: 10
HW600-50 Quantity: 50
HW600-100 Quantity: 100
Seat Kit
Two Clickit
& Two Fixit
Fixit Seat-Latch
Secures solid seating drop hooks to wheelchair tubing.
Fits Tube Size: Ø1" (25mm)
and Ø7/8" (22mm) with shim.
HW601-1 Quantity: 1
HW601-10 Quantity: 10
HW601-50 Quantity: 50
HW601-100 Quantity: 100