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SleepSafe Beds

SleepSafe Beds is involved in manufacturing safety beds for special needs children since 2000. Sleep Safe comes with various customizable options including twin or full size, fixed, articulating or Hi-Lo frames and much more to choose from for your special needs child. Medicaleshop carries both SleepSafe manual beds and SleepSafe electric beds at unbeatable rates!

Selecting a Safety bed for special needs children

Foundation Choices for SleepSafe Low Bed, SleepSafe II Medium Bed and SleepSafer High Bed

  • Fixed – The mattress rest on fixed foundation, which can either be a box spring or Bunkie board, depending on your choices.
  • Articulated- The mattress rest on electric frame that has both head and feet articulation operated through a remote control.
  • Hi-Lo – The mattress rest on an electric frame that provides mattress height adjustability as well as head and feet articulation. The mattress height can be adjusted from 22 to 38 inches from the floor

SleepSafe Low Beds

The SleepSafe Low Bed is available in 2 sizes i.e. Twin (37” wide by 77” long mattress) and Full (51” wide by 77” long mattress). The Low Beds has 3 foundation basic choices i.e. Fixed, Articulated and Hi-Lo which supports up to 350 lbs. Easy access safety rails extends 9 to 16 inches above the mattress depending on the foundation choice. The SleepSafe Low Beds avoid gaps created by aggressive compression due to heavy weight of patients and thus prevents any sort of safety hazard or entrapment issues. The Premium Memory Foam Mattress provides remarkable comfort and support in 4 unique zones of pressure relief. Its non breakable safety rail windows help the caregivers to keep an eye over their loved ones for their safety and self esteem. The SleepSafe Lo Bed can be moved easily with its excellent locking casters.

SleepSafe II Medium Beds

The SleepSafe II Medium Bed is available in 2 sizes i.e. Twin (37” wide by 77” long mattress) and Full (51” wide by 77” long mattress). The SleepSafe II Medium Bed is designed for children and adults with physical or cognitive disabilities. The head and foot boards extend below the mattress, eliminating the gaps between the head and foot board or side rails and mattress, thus reducing the chance of entrapment. The full-length side locking safety rails are made of wood and have clear windows for ease in viewing. The safety rails swing down and are removable. SleepSafe2 Medium Bed with Fixed Frame combines the mattress adjustability of the SleepSafe2 Bed with the design of SleepSafe Bed.

SleepSafer High Beds

The SleepSafer High Beds also has the same twin, full sizes and foundation choices. The SleepSafer High Bed has an optional dual view accessory which is not available with low and medium beds. Safety rails with clear non breakable windows are available on both sides of the bed to provide visibility for both the occupant and caregiver. The SleepSafer High Bed with Fixed Frame, Full Sized Bed comes with memory foam mattress, clear safety rail windows and locking casters. SleepSafer High Bed with Fixed-Dual View Frame Full Sized Beds have high full-length safety rails on one side that extend from 17 to 36 inches above the mattress