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BSS® - Balance Safety System

Most accidents with strollers lead to head injuries!

BSS (Balance Safety System) significantly reduces the risk of the stroller tipping over.

Frequently, a child's safety is jeopardized because of a stroller's tendency to tip over. EASyS with BSS (Balance Safety System) combines the optimum adjustment possibilities of a seating system with the maximum safety of a rehab stroller. The seat unit automatically slides forward when reclining the backrest, which shifts the center of gravity to a tip resistant position.

No matter which position you choose: resting or face-to-face: Thanks to the safe and patented BSS with its unique sliding mechanism, EASyS is among the safest rehab strollers available.

Why BSS is a great solution ...

... 11,500 children alone in the U.S. require medical attention each year due to an accident with a stroller or baby carrier!