Calf & Thigh Braces

Calf Braces are neoprene wrap-around shin supports and elasticated calf sleeves that provide therapeutic heat and compression to the calf and shin for the prevention.

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  • Champion CSX Compression Calf Sleeve 15-20 mmhg

    CSX Compression Calf Sleeves use 15-20 mmHg compression, and are designed to give athletes and active individuals the decisive edge in performance, injury reduction and recovery.

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  • Champion CSX Compression Thigh Wrap

    Champion CSX Compression Thigh Wrap, provides therapeutic compression and muscular support for the quadriceps, abductors/adductors, hamstrings and groin area. The unique design makes it simple to apply.

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  • OTC Neoprene Thigh Support with Oval Pad

    Champion Professional Neoprene products retain natural body heat to help soothe aching muscles and maintain flexibility, provide firm, uniform compression to support weakened joints, and offer moderate protection from bumps and bruises.

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  • Thermoskin Calf Shin, Black

    Anatomically shaped to provide protection, heat and compression for lower limb injuries, including calf strains, shin splints and achilles tendonitis. Thermoskin Calf Shin provides heat, pain relief and compression for acute lower limb injuries. The support uses an advanced brace which promotes naturally generated body heat and increased blood flow to facilitate recovery from leg injuries and conditions. The Thermoskin Calf Shin can also be used as a preventative measure. Just wear the support before or during any activities that may lead to pain or injury.

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  • Thermoskin FXT Compression Socks, Calf

    Thermoskin Plantar FXT Compression Calf Socks provide moderate graduated compression from the ankle to calf to promote blood circulation. Firm upward compression zone targeted at the plantar fascia attachment to unload stress. Firm compression zone targeted at the Achilles tendon for support and comfort. Moderate to firm compression band around foot arch for additional support. Comfort foot pad at ball of foot for extra cushion. Moisture wicking, antibacterial silver microbial fibers in toes and heel for comfort.

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  • Thermoskin Thigh Hamstring, Black

    The Thermoskin Thigh/Hamstring support is perfect for those suffering from upper leg complaints or general wear and tear. The thermal properties of this compression support can assist in preventing and rehabilitating muscle strain injuries to the thigh and hamstrings.

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