Inspired By Drive

Inspired By Drive

Inspired By Drive (former Columbia Medical) is a well-known provider of innovative daily living aids for the children with special needs and those around them. With the wide range of quality assistive products, Columbia Medical works keenly on improving the lives of children looking for extra care. Shop for Inspired By Drive products like bath support systems, bath transfer systems, toilet support systems and pediatric car seats at online store Medicaleshop.

Columbia Medical Car Seats

Columbia Medical Car Seats provide the support and comfort individuals need to maintain an upright sitting position while travelling. These car seats are equipped with Integrated Positioning System or Adjustable Positioning system as per model selection.

  • Assist in the safe transport of individuals with physical disabilities.
  • Provide positioning and support for physically disabled individuals.
  • Designed to enhance the lives of children and adult with special needs.
  • Offer built-in or additional accessories for improved overall body alignment and head, trunk, hip and leg positioning.

Columbia Medical Bath Support Systems

Columbia Medical Bath Support Systems are bathing and toileting system for children and adults with mild to more severe physical disabilities. These systems include the products which can function as an over-the-toilet commode, free standing commode, bath transfer bench, and a roll-in shower.

  • Bath lifters- Designed for individuals with difficulty getting in and out of the tub.
  • Shower commode chairs- Offer versatility, convenience, safety, and value for toileting and bathing needs.
  • Bath chairs- Comfortably and easily positions individual for bathing and showering and are specially designed to fit in most bathtubs.
  • Wrap-around bath supports- Lightweight, easily portable and provide extra support and improved seating posture of your child while in the bathtub.

Columbia Medical Bath Transfer Systems

Columbia Medical Bath Transfer Systems are designed to offer optimal positioning support for individual with mild to moderate levels of physical disabilities.

  • These transfer systems are designed to maximize safety during bathing.
  • Help reduce risk of bathroom accidents and injuries to user and caregiver.
  • Can be configured to fit the users bathing and postural needs and can be customized for the user’s bathroom environment.

Columbia Medical Toilet Support Systems

Columbia Medical Toilet Support Systems provide positioning with support for users while toileting. These systems are easy to attach and remove from toilet.

  • Ideal for individual with mild to moderate levels of physical disability.
  • Designed to promote independence while toileting by providing support, positioning and restraint.