Gait Trainers & Walkers

Gait Trainers & Walkers are intended for individuals who do not have the efficient gait skills or postural control to securely and independently use an ordinary walker. They offer support and control to the user when they walk. These walking aids provide benefit like- improved cognition, muscle development, and skeletal growth.

Gait Trainers & Walkers-

Gait Trainers

Gait Trainers are used by children with mild physical involvement or those who require minimal support while walking. They support an upright body posture and usual gait pattern while encouraging early cognitive and learning development.

  • Provide maximum support and improved posture to the user.
  • Offer support for children with decreased balance, strength, and endurance.

Pediatric Walkers

Pediatric Walker are tool for disabled or special needs children who need additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking. They provide support and stability while assisting the child in safely walking.

  • Accommodates maximum physical requirements.
  • Walkers with wheels maneuver well over normal floor obstacles and are ideal for outdoor play areas.
  • Design to meet everyone’s need, even the smallest child and provide greater balance as well as comfort.

Pediatric Rollators

Pediatric Rollators are recommended for kids who have an asymmetrical posture with standing or walking. They are design to give the ability to be independent so individual can enjoy the daily activities.

  • These rollators are available in different sizes and styles.
  • Come with adjustable handle height and comfortable 6" wheels for indoor or outdoor use.

Specialty Walker for Kids

Specialty Walkers for Kids are specially designed for toddlers with special needs and allows a wide range of motion of hips, knees and ankles for better gait.

  • Provide support and stability to the child with hypotonia due to developmental delays who often lack confidence to begin ambulation.
  • Help improves rehabilitation for patients with neurological and orthopedic disabilities and disorders such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, knee replacements, hip replacements, head injury, single amputees.

Canes & Crutches

Canes & Crutches are mobility aids used to counter mobility impairment or an injury that limits walking ability. These are lightweight, easy to use, hassle free walking aids. They provide maximum comfort, safety and stability to the user.

  • Designed to provide children with a superior aid to mobility.
  • Made from strong materials and are offered in a variety of ergonomic designs.
  • Best suited for special needs children or children with permanent physical disabilities or temporary injuries.
  • Crutches reduces the weight on an extremity and are relatively easy to manage and can help the patient negotiate difficulties.