Helmets & Neck Supports

Helmets and neck supports keep the user safe from injury or damage. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, soft, supportive and durable. We stock varieties of helmets and neck supports which offers different types of protection and protective accessories from well-known manufacturers such as Toppen, Danmar.

Helmets & Neck Supports

Special Needs Helmets

Special Needs Helmets are a necessity for special needs children who possess lesser control of their head or other body parts.

  • Comfortable to wear as well as effective in reducing the risk of head injury.
  • Lightweight, fully ventilated and offer complete head protection to the child.
  • Available in a variety of styles and configurations to suit unique and special needs.
  • Each Special Needs Helmet includes an adjustable chin guard or chinstrap for added comfort and safety.

Special Needs Head & Neck Supports

Special Needs Head & Neck Supports are safe and comfortable devices to help children with special needs maintain an upright and supported posture.

  • Aid in maintaining mid-line head positioning of child.
  • Also help improves breathing, swallowing, feeding and social interaction.
  • Help the special needs children to control their head and neck positions so as to reduce the risks of any accidents.