Jay Cushions & Backs

Jay Cushions & Backs

Jay Seating & Positioning products from Sunrise Medical are of high quality, patented design and went through rigorous test. With the combination of technology and design, Jay Seating products offers comfort, support and protection. Shop for Jay Wheelchair Cushions, Jay Wheelchair Backs, Jay Custom Seating Systems and Jay Whitmyer Head Supports at Medicaleshop.

Jay Wheelchair Cushions – is designed with latest technology with exceptional firmness. Jay superior clinical seating achieves the optimal seated position, providing postural stability and effective pressure redistribution while respecting the individual anatomic dimensions of each patient. Jay wheelchair cushion is a perfect combination which offers skin protection and is capable of maximum stability.

  • Provides outstanding stability with fluid or air inserts for skin protection.
  • Consist of Jay flow fluid and a contoured base for outstanding skin protection and stability.
  • Protects the skin and contoured base option allow the users to sit for longer periods with comfort.

Jay Wheelchair Backs – are tried and true postural support for mild to involved needs. Care Back offers lateral support and angle adjustability designed for fix kyphotic postures. Basic back gives solid back support for basic needs. Go back back support offers comfort and convenience for basic needs. Zip back is lightweight, versatile and designed just for kids.

  • Increase sitting tolerance and stability by adding a rigid component to the wheelchair.
  • Provides long-term postural support along with posterior pelvic and mild lateral thoracic stability.
  • Improves pelvic stability and trunk stability for bariatric patients.
  • Made of high-density flexible foam.

Jay Custom Seating Systems – is the most extensive custom wheelchair seating solution that offers wide options which creates a personalized seating system that provides with ultimate personal fit. Jay custom seating system provides the optimal combination of support, comfort, and protection through progressive design and advanced materials.

  • Complete custom-made seating solution suitable for basic to complex user needs and lifestyle.
  • Offer superior safety during transport.
  • Maximize function and quality of life.

Jay Whitmyer Head Supports – is a unique head support which is designed to maximize the user interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior, and lateral support of the head and neck. Jay whitmyer head supports consist of various to easily accommodate transfers and provide anterior and lateral stabilization of the shoulders and trunk for optimal head control.

  • Swing out, adjustable arms for easy transfers.
  • Water resistant cover options.
  • Mounting hardware choices to meet specific functional needs.