Jay Whitmyer Headrests

Jay Whitmyer Headrests offer comfort, support and positioning to the user. They are ideal for tilt/recline, and has the ability to add lateral support, anterior support, or switches as client’s needs change. These headrests are easily adjustable and accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body positioning. Browse our collection to find the Jay Whitmyer Headrest which is right for your needs.

Plush Headrests

Plush Headrests have innovative designs which allows for easier transfers and a wide array of positioning opportunities.

  • Ideal for use with tilt and/or recline, easily adjustable and adapts with the user's needs.
  • They have unique cupping shape which provides superior anterior or posterior support with a high level of comfort and client safety.

Adjust-a-Plush Headrests

Adjust-a-Plush Headrests are designed to satisfy the unique requirements of the individual who needs extra posterior and lateral support of the head and neck.

  • They have design with moderate anterior-posterior adjustability and excellent durability.
  • Offer superior positioning capabilities and sizes ranging from early intervention to adult.
  • They bear two tapered locking joints which can be narrowed or widened to offer extreme lateral support.

Specialty Plush Headrests

Specialty Plush Headrests are designed for clients suffering from high tone or high extension and can endure superior amounts of strength over time.

  • Feature two mounting points for outstanding durability.
  • They include the narrow plush which offers low profile support in a 12” width.
  • Their mounting system accommodates a variety of client presentations and functional needs.

S.O.F.T. Single sub-Occipital Headrests

S.O.F.T. Single sub-Occipital Headrests offer sub-occipital and proximal lateral cervical support by a single curved sub-occipital pad.

  • Reliable, repeatable positioning of the individual is required for best performance.
  • Single sub-occipital system has independent anterior/posterior movement of the occipital pad.

Contoured Cradle Headrests

Contoured Cradle Headrests offer superior lateral cervical support which is comfortable and easy to adjust.

  • Their pad sizes range from small to large to fit pediatric to adult individual.
  • They are designed to provide posterior and lateral support to head and neck.

Heads Up Neck Support

Heads Up Neck Support offer anterior, posterior and lateral support to the head and neck.

  • Compatible with full whitmyer hardware offering- fixed, removable or swing-away.
  • It has swing-out, adaptable arms to easily accommodate customer transfers and variable customer performances.

Cuddles Infant Headrest

Cuddles Infant Headrest offers independent adjustability of the sub-occipital pads which accommodates unbalanced postures.

  • Superior lateral cervical support is comfortable, easy to adjust, and suitably sized and balanced for newborns.
  • Unique pad conformation supplies maximum occipital and proximal lateral cervical support for more aggressive positioning of infants.

Jay Whitmyer Accessories

Jay Whitmyer Accessories are the add-ons for Jay Whitmyer head supports. They aid in providing comfort and support to the individuals.