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Jay Zip Pediatric Backrest

Clinical seating, designed for zippie kids!

jay zip wheelchair back

Jay Zip Backrest is designed for young active users who are new to wheelchairs; for whom proper propulsion is critical. Solid backrest provide a key propulsion-positioning component. Jay Zip Wheelchair Backrest are designed specifically with children in mind. It is an ultralightweight, antimicrobial backrest that features X-static and Aquaguard cover technologies as well as adjustable, one step release hardware to accommodate a wide range of mounting locations.

Versatile One Step Release Hardware

  • Easy one step release
  • Fits on wide range of tubing: 1,9 cm with inserts; 2,2 - 2,3 cm with inserts or 2,5 cm without insert
  • One tool adjustments

Convenient & Antimicrobial
Outer Cover

  • Machine washable and quick to dry
  • Silver impregnated X-static® stretch fabric naturally inhibits bacterial growth
  • Extra layer of microclimatic spacer fabric for comfort
  • Safe non-toxic material

Inner Cover

  • Easy to wipe off
  • Aquaguard™ zipper resists moisture
  • Anti-wicking seam thread protects foam base

Designed for Kids

The JAY Zip backrest has four features specifically designed for kids:

  • Sizes are geared for kids ages 2 through 15.
  • Contour shape is anthropometrically (study of human measurements) optimized for each width.
  • Soft foam is specifically designed for pediatric weights.
  • Fun options such as colored covers, custom embroidery, and colored back shells.
  • Similar to the JAY J3 adult backrest, the JAY Zip backrest features six different Spine-Align Positioning Components that can be configured to address specific positioning needs.
  • The JAY Zip Back features Lil Kiddos™ lateral hardware. These laterals are properly sized for young children, and they utilize very lightweight hardware that is specifically designed to reduce the overall weight burden.
  • The inner cover also features a specially coated Aqua-guard zipper designed to repel moisture. This zipper uses a reverse coil to lock the fluid-resistant coated sections together. Result: the inner foam stays dry and odor free.
  • The JAY Zip Back's inner cover features specially coated anti-wicking seam-thread to prevent moisture from wicking through the seam holes. This same type of thread meets US Military specifications.
jay zip wheelchair back
jay zip wheelchair back

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