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Jay Zip Pediatric Cushion

A comfortable, clinically effective cushion designed uniquely for kids.

Jay Zip Pediatric Wheelchair Cushion is a comfortable, clinically effective skin protection and positioning cushion for kids. These are designed through the use of anthropometric data so they are specially sized to meet a pediatric client's unique needs. It is a dual layered contoured foam base that provides high skin protection and mild positioning in a comfortable, effective and convenient cushion.


  • Dual layered contoured foam base
  • 3DX™ fabric spacer in the outer cover promotes air movement
  • Soft and stretchable outer cover (also available in pink and blue)

Convenient & Antimicrobial
Outer Cover

  • Machine washable and quick to dry
  • Silver impregnated X-static® stretch fabric naturally inhibits bacterial growth
  • Extra layer of microclimatic spacer fabric for comfort
  • Safe non-toxic material

Inner Cover

  • Easy to wipe off
  • Aquaguard™ zipper resists moisture
  • Anti-wicking seam thread protects foam base

Designed for Kids

  • By matching foam firmness to average pediatric sizes for each cushion width, the JAY Zip cushion maximizes individual comfort - it's not a simple downsized adult cushion.
  • Standard sizes available range from 8"x 8" to 16"x 18" and weigh as low as 1.5 lbs - a perfect complement to the Zippie Zone Ultralight rigid chair.

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