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Anterior Support Walkers

'Y' Frame

Anterior Support Walkers were designed for children and adults who can support their weight on their legs and take steps, but who lack sufficient balance or upper body and shoulder control to maintain their alignment. The walkers have a wide, stable base and may be appropriate for users with neuromuscular impairments associated with severe spasticity, athetosis or ataxia. Kaye Anterior Support Walkers feature an adjustable chest support with lateral trunk supports and are available with forearm supports. Forearm supports may be helpful for users who cannot adequately grip to propel their walkers or have asymmetrical strength in their upper extremities.

Because the Anterior Support Walkers with forearm supports come in larger sizes, this may be an appropriate option for adults with hemiplegia following a stroke or head injury. The open back design of the walker facilitates an easy transition from a wheelchair or other seat.

All Anterior Walkers come with swivel front wheels that can be locked straight ahead if desired. Like all Kaye walkers, these walkers fold for storage and transportation.