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KCI RIK fluid mattress overlay

KCI RIK fluid mattress overlay is non-powered pressure redistribution therapy surface with advanced shear protection to support skin integrity.

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KCI RIK fluid mattress overlay is designed with non-powered MicroFlow™ Fluid technology, the RIK fluid overlay contains 55 enclosed segments of viscous fluid on a foam base. When placed on the overlay, the client’s body immerses deep into the fluid segments, which conform to the body’s contours, and body weight spreads evenly throughout the therapeutic surface. Concentrated pressure on areas where skin breakdown commonly occurs, such as bony prominences, is redistributed to help prevent pressure ulcers. The inherent properties of MicroFlow™ Fluid technology help reduce skin shear. When the user repositions, the underlying fluid moves with the user, and sheer force transfers into the overlay, away from the user's skin.

RIK fluid overlay provides pressure relief, plus unique shear relief, in a simple overlay design. Overlay eliminates noise, heat, and power consumption, providing improved client comfort. The nature of RIK fluid technology allows the overlay to self-adjust during client's repositioning, helping reduce the problem of bottoming out and the resulting pressure and shear. The fluid, combined with the patented anti-shear layers, also helps minimize client sliding.

RIK fluid overlay is designed for clients at risk of pressure ulcers, as well as management of Stage I-IV wounds.

MicroFlow™ Fluid technology

MicroFlow is a patented, non-powered, fluid technology proven to relieve pressure and shear for wheelchair. The fluid conforms to the “micro” contours of the body for effective pressure distribution. It also “flows” with every user movement to significantly reduce the resulting shear on the skin.

  • Easily attaches to any mattress.
  • Transfers are easier and safer due to Firm Overlay Borders.
  • Relieves pressure and shear with patented MicroFlow™ Fluid.
  • Loosely attach most home or institutional flat sheets with the Innovative Magnet System.
  • Helps provide client comfort, easy cleaning, and infection control with breathable, waterproof covers.
  • Helps reduce client sliding and the need for heel protectors with lubricated Anti-Shear Layers at head and foot.
  • Allows client immersion into the fluid and reduces pressure and shear with wrinkled casing, covers, and sheets.
  • Achieves greater immersion while help reduce bottoming out with Foam Support Pillars. Overall thickness is 5.5" in the middle, tapering to 4" at edges.

Indications: Patients at risk of pressure ulcers as well as management of Stage I, II, III or IV pressure ulcers.

Contraindications: Unstable cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar fracture, Cervical traction

Precaution: This product or any section of product is not recommended for use with infants.

  • No maintenance or adjustments necessary
  • No heat or noise commonly associated with some powered products
  • Flexibility to be used with many standard hospital bed frames, sheets and equipment
  • Firm foam perimeter provides a stable edge for patient support and egress
  • Unique RIK Microflow fluid has no “memory” to help provide even pressure redistribution and client comfort
  • Helps address infection control with a breathable, fluid-impermeable cover that contains a bactericidal agent


Additional Info

Model 2200
Brand ArjoHuntleigh Homecare
Technical Specifications
KCI RIK fluid mattress overlay
Length 78"
Width 33"
Depth 5.5"
Product weight 100 lbs.
Max weight* capacity 350 lbs.
* Weight limitations are subject to the weight capacity of the bed frame and mattress.

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