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Ottobock Kimba Home Underframe with MPS Seat

Kimba Home Underframe serves as "home base" for a Kimba seating unit.

The seating unit can be transferred easily from the Kimba pediatric wheelchair of Kimba Cross. The tilit-in-space frame allows for proper positioning during feeding. It also has a manual lift to adjust height. It has four swiveling twin-roller caster wheels which makes the Home Underframe extremely maneuverable in small spaces.

Ottobock Kimba Home Underframe with MPS Seat
Ottobock Kimba Home Underframe with MPS Seat

  • The optional Kimba Home Underframe is an ideal positioning frame for placing the child in the Kimba MPS seat at the kitchen table during mealtimes.
  • The MPS seat can easily transfers from the Home Underframe to the Kimba Cross stroller frame or Kimba Spring stroller frame.
  • Home underframe has an adjustable manual lift which can help in properly positioning the child in the MPS seat just under right height for feeding, school activities or motor activities.
  • Kimba Home Underframe is easy to maneuver between tight spaces.
  • It has four twin roller casters which makes it easy to move from one room to another without removing the child from the MPS seating system.
  • Tilt in space Kimba Home Underframe allows you to tilt the seat from -10 degrees to 55 degrees to increase head and trunk support to optimize upright, seated positioning.
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