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Ottobock Kimba Twin Tandem Pediatric Stroller with Two MPS Seat

Two-seater, Tilt-in-Space Mobility System

Ottobock Kimba Twin Tandem Pediatric Stroller with Two MPS Seat
Ottobock Kimba Twin Tandem Pediatric Stroller with Two MPS Seat

Easy Transportation for Two : Kimba Twin Tandem is a practical solution for families that needs to transport two children. Seats can be positioned individually to fit each child's needs and each can be adjusted to grow with the child. All two seats are rear-facing adjustable and come with attractive sun canopies. Twin Tandem can be quickly folded into a compact size to fit into a car or stowed away at home.

  • Outdoor mobility base for two seats positioned one behind the other
  • Seating units can be positioned facing forward or backwards
  • Continuously adjustable frame length (space between seating units)
  • Folding aluminum frame with automatic folding guards
  • Seat frame infinitely tiltable in both directions
  • Fits Mygo, Squiggles, Nu-Tech, OBSS and MPS Seating Systems

Kimba Twin mobility base is ideal for carrying twins or any two children of approximately the same size. Thanks to the multifunctional Kimba seat unit, children are always optimally positioned in the Inline mobility base.

Relieves parents and caregivers :

Kimba Twin Tandem Stroller minimizes the load on parents or caregivers during everyday activities. The mobility base has standard width and is easy to push. The seat unit are easier to install and remove due to automatic quick-lock system. Parents can release the seat and attach it to their Kimba indoor base at home in just few steps. The frame can also be folded down to a compact size.

A Variety of Accessories for Different Clinical Indications : The tried and tested seat units permit a range of options for individual adaptation and ensure optimum support for a variety of clinical indications. They can be adjusted in height and width as well as back height to match the child's body size as precisely as possible. A variety of pad and fixation systems are also available for different positioning needs. The Inline mobility base can also be equipped with an oxygen unit or transport case in place of the second seat unit.

Kimba tandem stroller has continuously adjustable frame length thus distance between the seat units can be easily adjusted to the children's body size. The seat adapters can be infinitely tilted in both directions. The foot rest can also be adjusted for height and knee angle.

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