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Kinetec spectra knee CPM machine

Kinetec spectra knee CPM machine provides wide range of motion going from -10° of hyperextension to 120° of flexion which allows treatment of all the knee pathologies. The two padded side handles make spectra comfortable to carry.

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Kinetec spectra knee CPM machine features arrow shape design and the structure is remarkably lightweight and compact facilitating set ups in hospital beds or at users' home as well as easing its storage. The digital remote control provides a precise yet clear feedback to the user as well as it helps the therapy with unique functions such as warm-up or by-pass. The two padded side handles make spectra comfortable to carry. Spectra provides wide range of motion going from -10° of hyperextension to 120° of flexion which allows treatment of all the knee pathologies. The anatomically correct system increases the comfort of the user and decreases the points of pressure. Spectra provides broad bearing surface for improving stability and also there is possibility to block the adjustment of the parameters.

Spectra features detachable remote control which facilitates maintenance and also there is site dedicated for storage of the remote control when the machine is not used or during transport. Kinetec spectra remote control is also equipped with the latest USB technology enabling the use of the Kinetec Data Capture software and user USBs to track user progress as well as pre-program the entire user rehabilitation protocol. Spectra features exclusive load reserve which ensures user protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint.

Digital adjustment
  • Timer: Control of the session time
  • Programme: Allows set-up of 16 customized programmes.
  • Warm up: The patient reaches gradually the pre-set full Range Of Motion.
  • Force: This security feature allows the patient to reverse, more or less easily, the movement by a simple muscular contraction.
  • Modulation: Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on user tolerance. This mode is generally used at the beginning of the session.
  • ROM by pass: Used during the session, this mode allows a manual setting based on new user tolerance, thus offering a real progressive work of the range of motion.
Electrical specifications
  • Electrical power: 20W
  • Type BF class II electrical device
  • Voltage: from 100 to 240 Volts 50/60Hz
  • Spectra is designed and manufactured to meet IEC 601.1. and is CE certified (93/42/EEC directive annex II, point 3)
  • Light
  • Compact
  • Digital adjustment


Additional Info

Model 4621006001
Manufacturer Kinetec
Technical Specifications
Kinetec spectra knee CPM machine
Range of motion -10° to 120°
Speed (in degree/minute) 45°/min to 155°/min
Product weight 26.4 lbs
Length 37"
Width 13"
Height 13"
Height of user 57" - 77"
Full leg length 27.9" - 38.9"
Tibia length 14.9" - 20.8"
Femur length 13" - 18"
Weight capacity 297.6 lbs

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Regular Price: $5,404.00

Special Price $4,323.20

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