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Leckey KIT Seating System


Leckey KIT Seating System is a highly adjustable modular seating system for teens and adults with moderate to complex postural needs.

As kids grow into teens and teens grow into adults, their needs and the requirements of their carers change. Independence becomes more important and they depend more on their seating system and the mobility that it gives them.

With its innovative Pelvic Cradle, three part backrest with ball and socket joints and multi-positional leg guides and footplates, KIT gives clinicians the tools to meet the requirements of the most complex users.

Leckey KIT Seating System pediatric
Leckey KIT Seating System for kids


Product Features:

  • 2 sizes
  • Three colour options
  • Removable machine washable covers with infection control option
  • One piece seat cushion with a choice of standard or memory foam
  • New Pelvic Cradle
  • Width and angle adjustable hip laterals
  • 3 part backrest with interchangeable shoulder, thoracic and sacral support options
  • Ball and socket joints for full adjustability on backrest components and footplates
  • Range of standard and complex flip away laterals
  • Range of head supports
  • Angle and height adjustable armrests
  • Multi-positional leg guides accommodate up to 20° windsweeping, abducton or adduction
  • Height adjustable, multi-angle flip-away foot plates and sandals
  • Tilt in space hi-low chassis and mobility chassis options
  • Communication devices easily attached
Leckey KIT Seating System for special needs children
1. The innovative Pelvic Cradle (patent pending) with 4 point positioning straps provides proximal positioning for users with high or low tone and can be used to accommodate or correct the pelvis.
2. Comfortable ramped one piece seat cushion, which is 75mm deep on Size 1 and 95mm deep on Size 2, supports the ischial tuberosities and helps prevent the user from sliding forward. Additional foam inserts can be used to accommodate fixed obliquity.
3. The height, depth and angle adjustable sacral support is the lowest section of the 3-part backrest, and can be adjusted for multiple positions using its ball and socket joint to accommodate complex user needs.
4. Angle, depth and width adjustable hip laterals can be used with the Pelvic Cradle to help align and stabilise the pelvis.
5. The height adjustable thoracic support is the mid section of the 3-part backrest and can be set up using its multi-adjustable ball and socket joint. It can also be moved to the left or right to accommodate severe scoliosis. Any combination of the standard, complex and angle adjustable laterals can be easily attached to this support to meet the user’s needs.
6. The standard flip away lateral supports have independent angle, depth and height adjustment providing the user with thoracic support to help maintain a stable upright position.
7. The multi-adjustable complex lateral supports can contour to varying thoracic shapes, in both a horizontal and vertical orientation, increasing surface area contact for improved postural support and comfort. They can be flipped out of the way to facilitate transfer.
8. The angle adjustable laterals provide moderate side support, ideal for users who require less thoracic support.
9. The height and depth adjustable contoured shoulder support is the top section of the 3-part backrest. It can be positioned via its multi-adjustable ball and socket joint and angle adjusts to provide shoulder protection which helps balance the head and trunk over the pelvis and improves hand control e.g. to use communication devices.
10. Large cushioned headrest with angle, depth and 25mm lateral adjustment. Other head support options, such as Whitmyer or Otto Bock, can also be used.
11. All cushion covers are removable and machine washable. Infection control covers are also available.
12. Cushioned height and angle adjustable armrests can be easily removed to facilitate transfer.
13. Multi-positional leg guides can securely accommodate a wide range of lower limb positions, including up to 20° windsweeping.
14. Interchangeable large and small upper leg gables support abduction, adduction and windsweeping.
15. Flip-up foot supports, which can be individually positioned using the multi-adjustable ball and socket joints, move with the leg guides to maintain the lower leg positioning.
16. Communication devices - the KIT seat has been designed to enable a range of communication devices to be easily attached, allowing the communication aid to move with the seat as its height or tilt is altered.
17. Hi-low chassis has been redesigned with hydraulic height adjustment for the KIT Seating System. Its 12” rear wheels and 6” front wheels make it very easy to manoeuvre over uneven surfaces.
18. Height adjustable push handles allow the chair to be easily moved.


Leckey KIT Seating System for special needs
Leckey KIT Seating System for special needs

Posture & Function

Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitates arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

leckey seating system - pelvic stability
leckey backrest - leckey seating system
leg supports adjustable foot support - leckey seating system
Pelvic stability is the most important feature of any seating or mobility system. KIT has the exclusive Pelvic Cradle which gives unsurpassed proximal pelvic positioning.
KIT’s 3-part backrest, along with optional thoracic supports can support and accommodate some of the most complex users’ unique needs.
With leg supports to accommodate windsweeping, and fully adjustable foot supports, KIT maximises overall postural stability.