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Leckey Pal Classroom Seat

PAL : Posture + Attention = Learning

leckey pal classroom seat, school classroom seat
leckey pal classroom seat, special needs seats
leckey pal classroom seat, special needs seats
leckey pal classroom seat, special needs seats

Measure :

Pal is a self assessment product where you assess the size required by 3 simple measurements: (1) Seat depth (2) Seat width (3) Seat height

Pal is available in 3 sizes and comes in 4 fab colours: green, orange, blue and pink.

leckey pal classroom seat, special needs seats - seat width
leckey pal classroom seat, special needs seats - seat depth

Posture & Function

The Pal seat is designed to be a simple self-assessment product for children who need minimal physical support.

leckey pal classroom seat pelvic support
leckey pal classroom seat backrest
leckey pal classroom seat base and footrest
As always, pelvic stability is most important. The Pal seat uses the combination of pelvic belt, side pads and optional ramped cushion to give pelvic stability. Pal’s angle adjustable backrest, armrests, tray and tables ensure that the trunk has the extra support needed to lessen fatigue. The Pal seat has a range of base and footrest options, including castors, rockers and stabilisers, depending on the specific needs of the child.
Pelvic Stability

When children are posturally unstable, they end up using excess energy trying to maintain stability and balance. This can leave little left for concentration, listening and fine motor tasks.

Leg and Foot Positioning

Supporting the femurs and feet is important for weight distribution and therefore comfort.

leckey pal classroom seat pelvic stability
leckey pal classroom seat ramped cushion
leckey pal classroom seat depth adjustable seat
Pelvic stability is achieved using a simple combination of two-point lap belt and side pads for lateral stability. An optional ramped cushion can be added if children need a little extra help to keep pelvis and femurs in alignment. The seat depth is adjustable for maximum femoral support, and when children need additional help to maintain the alignment of their femurs, a pommel is available.