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Leckey Pediatric Pronestander

Leckey Pronestander offers children the support they require while standing.

  • The unique positioning achieved by the pelvic belt enables de-rotation of the hips; alignment of the pelvis and centre of gravity over their base of support; accommodation or correction of flexion at the hips and knees.
  • Easy user transfer using standing slings or transfer belts.
  • Easy to set up and adjust for multiple users with five incremental secure prone positions from 85° to 45°.
  • The robust design is ideally suited to the classroom, therapy room and home environments.

Standard Features Include:

  • Flip up footplates
  • Wipe clean chassis
  • Adjustable sandals
  • Pelvic pad and belt
  • Wipe clean cushions
  • Flexible lateral supports
  • Adjustable chest support
  • Adjustable knee supports
  • Knee plate and knee cups
  • Angle and height adjustable tray, tray cover and activity bowl
leckey pronestander angles
Incremental secure prone positions from 85º to 45º.


leckey pronestander 45-85 degrees
leckey pronestander various parts


Posture & Function

Research has shown that standing can improve bone density, motor abilities and reduce spasticity, tone and spasms.

leckey pronestander five secure positions
leckey pronestander pelvis can be derotated
leckey pronestander adjustable sandals
The Pronestander supports children in five secure prone positions. The pelvis can be de-rotated using the pelvic pad and belt, providing alignment over the base of support. Feet can be appropriately supported using the footplates or adjustable sandals, depending on the level of foot stability required.

Trunk and Head Alignment

As in sitting, trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis in standing, enhancing arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

leckey pronestander chest support
leckey pronestander head support
leckey pronestander additional support
The adjustable chest support and flexible laterals provide trunk support regardless of the prone angle chosen. Where children have a tendency to hyperextend, the contoured head support and hyperextension pads can be fitted to help maintain an upright posture. Where additional support is needed to keep the head in midline, a range of Whitmyer head supports can be attached.


The Pronestander is designed to promote independence and function in a number of ways.

leckey pronestander tray
leckey pronestander grab rail
leckey pronestander grab posts
Regardless of the prone angle selected, the tray with its useful bowl, height and angle adjusts to encourage optimum upper limb and hand function. To encourage eye gaze and visual tracking, toys can be suspended from the optional grab rail. Where additional stability for upper limbs is needed, optional grab posts can be attached, improving the functional use of the dominant hand.


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