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Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System

Children are most likely to develop the head, trunk and pelvic stability they need to achieve dynamic sitting balance when they can learn to shift their weight forwards, backwards or sideways, keeping their balance.

leckey squiggles early sitting system
leckey squiggles early sitting system

This is why Leckey has developed the Early Sitting System. This modular product comprises a seat base, dynamic trunk support, cushioned leg support plus other features which facilitate three key therapeutic seating goals: (a) Dynamic Sitting (b) Long Sitting & Flexed Sitting (c) Prone Sitting.

  • The Early Sitting System is a simple, easy to set up, versatile 3 in 1 sitting system which encourages dynamic sitting, prone sitting and long sitting.
  • It is lightweight, compact and portable meaning your child will have appropriate support at all times no matter whether at home, at school or on holidays.
  • Specially designed for kids aged 18 to 48 months, the Early Sitting System is ideal for helping children with special needs to develop and grow. The unit itself has a small footprint, enabling valuable interaction with other kids.

Posture & Function

The Early Sitting System facilitates supported sitting, which encourages the development of head control and provides a stable base from which children can use their hands.

Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System dynamic sitting Dynamic Sitting : The dynamic trunk support allows enough movement to encourage kids to explore their environment, developing physical, cognitive and sensory skills. The trunk support can be secured in an upright sitting position, or locked in any prone angle, retaining flexibility. Adding the abduction pommel to the seat base increases the stability offered, by abducting and externally rotating the femurs. Where additional anterior support is required, an angle and height adjustable padded tray gives the perfect surface for support and function.
Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System long sitting and flexed sitting Long Sitting and Flexed Sitting : Long sitting, a typical developmental stage, is traditionally a position used in therapy to stretch the hamstring muscles. The Early Sitting System enables this with the attachment of the adjustable leg support. The cushioned leg support is supplied with an abduction pommel and positioning strap, which maintain the legs in symmetrical alignment. By removing the leg support and placing the flexion roll under the knees, a more flexed sitting position can be provided for the child. The raised seat base helps to prevent the legs from falling into abduction, and the pelvis from falling into posterior tilt, providing a more symmetrical and functional position.
Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System prone sitting Prone Sitting : Prone sitting refers to the forward tilt of the seat base. When seated in this position, the pelvis is encouraged to tilt forward. This position can be used to promote development of the spinal curves, stability of the trunk and improved function. The seat base with the leg support attached can be elevated into prone by inserting the prone bar into the underside of the seat base.



The ESS has a small footprint, increasing its versatility in the classroom, at home or out and about.

Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System with activity tray
Leckey Squiggles Early Sitting System ess fitted with chair

A large activity tray is available for additional anterior support, or simply for table top activities.

The ESS can be fitted to a standard dining chair with adjustable straps. This makes eating with the family a reality, whether at home, with friends or in a restaurant.


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