Leckey develop rehabilitation solutions for individuals to overcome their limitations. Wide range of Leckey products on the online store of Medicaleshop includes bath safety, early intervention, seating & mobility and much more. Shop now at lowest possible rates!


Leckey Bath Safety is designed to reach new levels of functionality and ease of adjustability both inside and outside the tub. Leckey advance bath chair offers postural support while ensuring the user is stable and secure. Fully adjustable chair legs combined with articulating back and leg support offer the most height/angle positions to make bath time easier and more fun.

  • All-around padded support bars provides added positioning comfort.
  • Convenient, lightweight and strong stainless steel frame folds flat for storage or transport.
  • Includes non-slip foam pads for secure tub placement and protection.

Leckey Early Intervention is an adaptable positioning system that assists caregivers and therapist in helping the child to learn different developmental positions. Leckey early intervention system is designed specifically to enhance babies’ and young infants’ development.

  • The cushiony base of the system which is covered with soft, loop velcro accepts various positioning pieces wherever support is needed for each individual child.
  • The EAS helps develop key physical, sensory, cognitive and transitional developmental goals such as trunk control, head control, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness, balance and strength.


Leckey Seating & Mobility is one of the latest adaptive seating and positioning system which is designed specifically for children with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement. Leckey seating system meets all the postural and comfort requirements for young children with special needs.

  • Provides postural support for younger children with special needs.
  • Enable daily functional activities to be carried out at home and at school.
  • Gives the best possible base of support for trunk and head alignment and arm and hand function.
  • Offers stable positioning and a number of additional features that improves function.


Leckey Standers are designed to meet the constantly changing demands of children with special needs. With Leckey’s signature high quality design, Leckey Standers continue to be one of therapists’ favorite standing frames.

  • Support children with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement.
  • Designed to support at the chest, hips and knees, while feet are secured in a fixed position and ensure to meet a large range of clinical needs.
  • Leckey stander adjustments are simple and varied.