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Leckey Advance Bath Chair

Advance Bath Chair: The Advance Bath Chair is available in 4 sizes for infants through to young adults. The product provides the user with appropriate levels of postural support ensuring they are safe and secure at all times during bathing. The simple and easy to use adjustments mean that the product can be set up in a variety of positions in seconds depending on the user’s postural requirements. The height adjustable legs mean that the product can be set up at the appropriate height for the parent or carer to reduce the risk of back strain or injury.

Bath Support: The Bath Support, available in 2 sizes for children aged 1-9 years of age, complements the Advance Bath Chair, providing support for the less involved child. The bath support easily folds flat for storage & transportation.

Shower Trolley: With the addition of the adjustable Shower Trolley, the Advance Bath Chair can be converted in seconds to a versatile shower chair. Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, the robust frame and high quality lockable castors ensure the trolley can be easily and safely manoeuvred over wet and slippery floors.

leckey advance bath chair

Trunk and Head Alignment :

The Advance Bath Chair is designed, like all Leckey products, to give support at the trunk and head, ensuring safety and comfort during bathing.

leckey advance bath chair trunk support
leckey advance bath chair head support
Where additional trunk support is needed, a chest belt with integrated lateral supports can be attached.
Head support can be easily added to the adjustable backrest to provide additional security during bathing.

Leg and Foot Positioning

Various Recline Options

leckey advance bath chair leg positioning
leckey advance bath chair recline options
Where legs have a tendency to scissor, a padded abduction belt can be attached, ensuring the legs stay in a symmetrical position.  


Bathing is an important function in its own right, with the needs of the carer being as important as the needs of the child.
leckey advance bath chair adjustable legs
leckey advance bath chair trolley
The height adjustable legs on the Advance Bath Chair mean that it can be set up to a comfortable working height for parents and carers. When showering is the preferred option, the addition of the shower trolley base converts the bath chair to an easily manoeuvrable shower chair.