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Leckey Easy Seat

The Easy Seat is a robust, stable and adjustable seat for children with mild to moderate needs, aged 1-11 years of age. Available in 4 sizes, the Easy Seat is available with either fixed or castor legs. The product is designed with seat depth & seat width adjustment, back height & angle adjustment and accommodation for lower leg length growth. A large range of accessories is available including flexible & rigid laterals, side pads, pommel, headrest, footplate and sandal straps ensuring that the product meets a wide range of clinical needs.


The Easy Seat was specifically designed to provide an attractive seating solution without compromising the postural needs of the less involved child. The high level of adjustability and large range of accessories available for the Easy Seat allow it to grow with the child. The robust and sturdy Easy Seat design is available in four sizes from nursery to school age children. An important feature is that it should grow with the child. Therefore, as standard, we have incorporated seat depth adjustment, lower leg adjustment and backrest height adjustment. The height adjustability of the Easy Seat not only accommodates lower leg lengths but allows integration within the nursery environment and, as the footplate remains close to the floor, eases self transfer.


leckey easy seat - basic


Posture & Function

leckey easy seat basic
leckey easy seat basic
leckey easy seat basic
The Easy Seat is designed to provide postural support to children who have mild to moderate postural needs. As with all seating systems, pelvic stability is most important. The Easy Seat has hip pads and a pelvic belt to provide the appropriate level of postural support. The height and angle adjustable backrest ensures the comfort and stability of the child for rest or function. The large, wipe clean activity tray provides anterior support for the child, as well as a suitable surface for eating or table top activities.

Pelvic Stability

Leg and Foot Positioning

leckey easy seat basic - pelvic stability
leckey easy seat basic - leg positioning
leckey easy seat basic - child leg positioning

Designed for children with less involved problems, pelvic stability can be achieved with a simple 45° lap belt, along with the side pads for lateral stability.

Foot support is provided by the footplate and optional sandals, contributing to pelvic stability. Where a child’s legs have a tendency to adduct, the pommel assists in keeping the femurs in alignment.

Trunk and Head Alignment :

Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitate arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.
leckey easy seat basic - backrest
leckey easy seat basic - lateral support
leckey easy seat basic - head support
Where a less upright angle is required, the backrest angle adjusts to suit the child’s needs. Where a higher degree of trunk support is needed, rigid or flexible laterals can be fitted. When additional head support is needed, a flat headrest with optional laterals is available.