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Leckey Squiggles Stander

Product Features:

  • 3-in-1: supine, upright and prone stander
  • 4 colours
  • Adjustable pelvic positioning support
  • Adjustable chest positioning support
  • Cushioned sternum pad
  • Compatible with a range of head supports
  • Adjustable knee supports
  • Adjustable footplate
  • Activity tray
  • Range of chassis available, including an outdoor mobile chassis.
leckey squiggles stander
• The Squiggles Stander is an extremely versatile three-in-one stander, offering prone, upright and supine standing in one product.
• The product has a large growth range for kids aged 1 - 5 years and is available with a range of indoor and outdoor mobile bases.
• The wide range of adjustability offered by the chest, hip, and knee supports and the head support in Supine provides clinicians with the tools to position a large range of children in the same product.
• Colourful, tactile and fun design is ideal for young kids, with attractive age appropriate, machine washable covers, available in four colours.
• Lightweight and robust stander support frame can be easily transferred from one chassis to another or disassembled for storage or transportation.


leckey squiggles stander
leckey squiggles stander clear tray


leckey squiggles stander features
1. The height, depth, width and angle of the cushioned pelvic positioning support can be changed to support the child comfortably in a secure position.
2. The height, depth, width and angle of the chest positioning support can also be adjusted.
3. Cushioned sternum pad offers extra support which encourages extension and gives a wide range of freedom for the arms thus allowing a greater range of activities.
4. Headrest is compatible with a variety of head supports, including Whitmyer and Otto Bock. It can be removed for prone standing.
5. Adjustable footplates and sandals giving positive foot placement. The sandals can be turned around for prone standing.
6. Cushioned knee supports, which are individually adjustable in height, angle, rotation and depth, support the child’s knees when supine standing.
7. Activity tray can be used in either prone or supine position.
8. Pivot chassis with its 4 lockable swivel castors is easy to manoeuvre and can be tilted from vertical to almost horizontal.
9. Compact, static Easel chassis offers angle adjustment from vertical to 700.