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Leckey Tot Stander

The Totstander is a simple and easy to use upright stander. It promotes active standing, movement and weight shifting and can be used as a stander. The Leckey Totstander is a preschool version of the Freestander designed to meet the needs of children at the early stages of standing. The adjustable footplate, pelvic band and kneeplate is great for children with mild to moderate needs. The Totstander is designed for children from 1-5 years old.

The Tot Stander comes standard with:

Footplate & Sandals
Knee Supports
Pelvic Band
Chest Band


Product Features:

  • ADJUSTABLE: Floor level sandals, pelvic band and kneeplate are all adjustable to the individuals specifications
  • ONE SIZE: Available in one size for children 1-5 years old
  • SUPPORT: Has the option of a flexible of rigid chest support
  • Height adjustable pelvic band
  • Height adjustable kneeplate with adjustable knee cups
  • Stable frame of steel and wood elements
  • Effective evaluation tool to assess a child’s standing ability
  • Promotes active standing, movement and weight shifting

For toddlers, it’s important to achieve an upright posture. This means that they can support themselves against gravity, whether sitting or standing.

For children 1-5 years its important to achieve an upright posture which means that they can support themselves against gravity. Standing is very important for hip development besides it helps in promoting self-awareness. If the children don't bear weight on their feet by the age of 18 months their femoral heads can't slide into the hip sockets; and this prevents the hips from developing correctly. Subsequently other orthopedic problems can result in future like it becomes difficult for the child to achieve upright posture and walk in the future. This problem can be limited through physical therapy and with the help of assistive technology equipment.

Medical devices allow the disabled child to develop a sense for a higher starting position, which facilitates independent activity and increases mobility.

Objectives for standing upright:

  • Triggering body perception
  • Heel load for increased firmness and contracture inhibition
  • Development of different foot positions and loads
  • Development of the arch of the foot
  • Centers the femoral head in the joint socket => joint formation for prevention or therapy, e.g., in case of asymmetries, hip dysplasia or subluxation
  • Hip/knee extension and straighten out of the pelvis for better-quality posture
  • Balance training through the soles of the feet
  • Increased independence and play opportunities
  • Awareness
  • Improved food intake
  • Improved vital functions
  • Enabling growth
  • Integration into the community environment
  • Transfer
  • Easier care
  • Use of the hands, one or two-handed
  • Preparation for walking

What standing can prevent:

  • Contractures/luxation
  • Scoliosis/kyphosis
  • Decubitus
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscular weakening
  • Infections/respirational diseases
  • Social isolation
  • Immobility at a developing stage

Leckey Tot Stander continues to be one of therapists’ favorite standing frames. The Tot Stander will support children with mild to moderate levels of physical involvement.

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