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Patient Lifts

Patient lifts allow a person to be lifted and transferred with minimum physical effort of the care taker. They make transfers and daily activities easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and to the patient. Patient lifts allows patients in hospitals and nursing homes and those receiving home health care to be transferred between a bed and a chair or other similar resting places. We carry power patient lifts, manual patient lifts, heavy duty patient lifts and more.

Patient Lifts

Power Patient Lifts

Electric Patient Lifts reduces the efforts required to transfer patients to and from bed, commode, shower commode chair, toilet seat and wheelchairs. It charges from electric outlet or a rechargeable battery. The smooth and easy patient transfer of an Power Patient Lift reduces patient anxiety and helps to save caregivers energy and back injuries. These Lifts have manual control system in case of power failures and also allow the patients to operate some functions independently.

Stand-Up Patient Lifts

Stand Up Patient Lifts are designed for weight bearing practice during transfer to & from wheelchair, bed, commode etc. or to make your tub safer or more convenient for patients, elderly and special needs persons. These Patient lifts are ideal to use with partial dependent, full dependent patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support. Hoyer slings used with Hoyer Lifts allow quick toileting, stand assist or full support seated transfer.

Manual Patient Lifts

Use of Manual Patient Lifts is an easy way to reduce injuries to nurses, caregivers and patients during transfer, manual lifting or repositioning of the patient to and from wheelchair, bed, commode etc. regardless of weight of the patient. This Patient Lift helps in easy and safe transfer from wheelchair to bed, bed to wheelchair, toileting, bathing and showering. These are completely operated by the caregivers.

Heavy-Duty Patient Lifts

Bariatric Patient Lifts provide larger weight lifting range as compared to regular patient lifts. These have bigger frame and high weight bearing capacity to meet heavy patient lifting. Heavy Duty Patient Lifts are designed to meet the needs of Bariatric patients and to help them as well as their caregivers. Most Heavy-Duty Patient Lifts in the market are available with a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

Bath Lifts

Bath Lift and easily adjustable bathroom installations can greatly improve the life of physically disabled people and weak elderly people who want to maintain as much independence as possible and look after themselves. Bath Lifts are easy to use and the hand control unit will often only have an up and down button. The Bath Lift runs off a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to worry about mains leads.

Lift Walkers

Lift Walker is simply an adaptive device that allows patients to remain, as independent as possible, with a greater quality of life by promoting dignity and stimulation. It allows the patient to pull themselves up by holding both poles and having the caregiver steady the walker itself. The patient then has the ability to lift their own body weight without the strain of pulling and tugging from the caregiver.

Slings for Patient Lifts

Patient Slings are used with patient lifts are easy to use by the caregiver and provides security and comfort to the patient during transfer. Patient lifting Slings are available with different color and sizes and different fabrics and can be selected according to the type of patient lift and weight and height of the patient. Lifting slings are durable and comfortable.