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Ottobock Lisa Folding Stroller

Lisa folding stroller / wheelchair is a lightweight transport wheelchair. Lisa folding wheelchair provides maximum stability with easy folding. This stroller comes with a weight capacity of up to 60 kg / 132 lbs. It can accommodate even heavy children and adolescents. Lisa folding stroller / wheelchair can be adjusted according to children's individual needs because it offers a wide array of adjustment options. The adjustable seat depth allows it to grow with a child. The seat to floor angle is tilted and fixed, hence providing a lower center of gravity for better positioning. The footrest can be adjusted in an infinite positions.

ottobock lisa folding stroller lisa wheelchair
  • Carries up to 60 kg / 132 lbs. Suitable for heavy children and adolescents
  • Crash test passed WC-19
  • Compact folding buggy in stable but yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Swiveling front wheels
  • Reinforced nylon upholstery
  • Back angle adjustment of 30 degrees
  • Integrated Tie-Down Anchor Points
  • Integrated tip-assist
  • Small folding size
  • Accessories for positioning
  • Frame color : silver
  • Dark blue nylon upholstery
  • Padding upholstery : paint/blue
  • Compact folding stroller featuring outstanding stability
  • Wide range of accessories allow adaptation for different clinical indications
  • One-Step Wheel Locks
  • Height Adjustable Foot Rest
Ottobock Lisa Folding Stroller folding
Ottobock Lisa Folding Stroller swivel front wheels
Ottobock Lisa Folding Stroller tie down points
Ottobock Lisa Folding Stroller back angle recline
Folded for transportation
Swivel Front Wheels
Integrated tie-downs anchor points for transportation in motor vehicles
Back angle recline

Reinforced Nylon Upholstery for a Better Upright Posture

Lisa has reinforced nylon upholstery to promote a better upright posture in the child. For different user's body sizes the seat depth, lower leg length and back height can be adjusted. Lisa can be used over a longer periods of time as it is adjustable according to the user's body. The back seat angle can be adjusted to 30 degrees so that the child can also assume a relaxed position while the stroller moves.

Lisa stroller has swiveling front wheels. Lisa stroller is available in two different sizes for children aged 3-8 years or 6-16 years. Lisa has small folding size so it is easy to transport. Lisa stroller is highly maneuverable and easy to push due to its high quality wheels with good rolling characteristics.

Folding Lisa Pediatric Wheelchair.

Using the Lisa Pediatric Wheelchair

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