Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs are moved by individual themselves without the help of a battery. These wheelchairs come in many varieties and configurations. They are lightweight, highly portable and durable. Their weight varies from 21 to 40 pounds.

Manual Wheelchair Buyer's Guide.

Manual Wheelchairs-

Ultralight Wheelchairs

Ultralight Wheelchairs are manual wheelchairs which offer performance and strength that can't be beat. Ultralight Folding Wheelchairs are practical choice for easy transport. With great performance and a lightweight frame, these wheelchairs are made to last.

  • Constructed using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy.
  • These wheelchairs are comfortable, lightweight and very strong.
  • Allow the ability to customize for optimum user support, positioning and transfer needs.

Tilt Wheelchairs

Tilt Wheelchairs provide a change of positioning and thus redistributes pressure from one area (e.g., the buttocks and posterior thighs) to another area (e.g., the posterior trunk and head) and maintains physical angles at the hips, knees, and ankles. Tilt in space wheelchairs address the issues of pressure reduction and positioning.

  • They offer increased adjustability and configurability.
  • These wheelchairs are durable, modern looking and comfortable.

Standing Wheelchairs

Standing Wheelchairs are new generation, high end, technologically advanced wheelchairs which give the user the ability to stand while using the wheelchair. Each manual standing wheelchair is customized to user’s specific needs and comprehensive with every feature necessary to ensure frequent, comfortable standing.

  • They can be used as both a wheelchair and a standing frame.
  • These wheelchairs meet all individual requirements for size and disability.
  • These chairs endorse circulation, allow for optimal kidney and bladder function, and advances muscle tone.

Recliner Wheelchairs

Recliner wheelchairs are offered in standard folding frames with extended head supports and seat widths up to 24” wide. The Recline Mechanism is attendant operated with levers much like a bicycle brake lever.

  • They allow the user to recline from a 90 degree position down to 180 degree position.
  • User's legs and feet can also be re-positioned for ultimate comfort and health assistances.
  • Generally used for accommodation of severe hip extension contractures, orthostatic hypotension, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown.

Standard Wheelchairs

Standard Wheelchairs are the best manual wheelchairs for users to be self-propelled, and normally weighing between 35 – 44 lbs. Standard Wheelchairs features folding frames, swing away footrest and armrest.

  • They can be customized to suit individual needs.
  • Intended to support longer trips, and to allow for self-propulsion.
  • These wheelchairs also provide the ultimate in control, maneuverability, and stability.

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs provide perfect solution for short trips at home or a shopping mall with their lightweight yet functional frame.

  • They have padded armrests for additional luxury.
  • Easy to maneuver and deliver additional comfort and safety.
  • These chairs offer numerous adjustments to make them easier and more comfortable to operate.

Geri Chairs

Geri-Chairs reduce pressure, preserve independence and improve the individual’s life with special needs. When a patient requires better positioning support than a wheelchair can provide, Geri Chairs provide the solution.

  • These chairs offer excellent comfort, durability and also provide maximum flexibility to the user.
  • Ideal choice for use by individual in dialysis, blood collection, chemotherapy and respiratory care areas.
  • They are durable and designed to improve patient's quality of life by offering seating support in a movable comfortable chair.

Power Add-On Systems

Power Add-on Systems offer unique power-assist to a manual chair. Power Add-on Systems assist the user to self-propel the wheelchair.

  • Easily mounted on the wheelchair to greatly reduce strength.
  • These systems make all surfaces equal and literally flatten out the hills.

Wheelchair Backs

Wheelchair Backs are contoured for positioning with a hard shell covered in foam and wrapped in a removable breathable outer cover. They offer secure stabilization of the pelvis and upper trunk and encourage an optimal spinal curve.

  • Lightweight and durable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation.
  • They combine constancy, postural support and offer relief from the low back strain on the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions are comfortable, effective and convenient positioning cushion that easily stretches and conforms to the individual's shape. They are designed, for users who are at risk of skin/soft tissue breakdown, to maximize stability and minimize potential tissue breakdowns.

  • They are stable, maintenance free and provide exceptional positioning solutions.
  • Offer pressure distribution and pain relief for those at moderate risk of pressure ulcers.
  • Can be used by individual with a spinal cord injury, stroke, or other infirmity that requires the person's use of a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories can be built into manual wheelchairs or added on, in order to make the individual using the chair more comfortable. Some popular accessories include Frog Legs Caster Forks and Frog Legs softroll as well as narrow court caster.

Pool and Beach Wheelchairs

Pool and beach wheelchairs are designed to be providing easy access towards the beach or pool. Pool and beach wheelchairs have come out as a great solution for special needs people.

  • Wide ranges of options are available to improve individual comfort.
  • These wheelchairs are constructed from completed rust-proof materials.
  • Lightweight, easily transportable that the user can easily carry along with them anywhere.

Wheelchair Custom Seatings

Wheelchair Seating Systems provide optimal mobility and function to the user. They take proper care of the needs of the patient, as well as those of the caregiver, which are paramount.

  • They help provide the ultimate in support and freedom of movement.
  • Provide comfort, pressure relief and posture control for a pleasant seating.
  • These systems incorporate concepts of body configuration, pressure distribution, well-appointed maneuvering forces and postural control.

Sports Wheelchairs

Sports Wheelchairs are designed to deliver independence to the individual and for competition whether playing tennis, hockey, basketball, racing or any other sport. They are height adjustable, backrest adjustable, and many more.

  • They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • These wheelchairs are extremely manoeuvrable in confined spaces.