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Ultralight Wheelchairs

Ultralight Wheelchair is the lightest version available with variety of frames options: Rigid Wheelchairs, Folding Wheelchairs, Titanium Wheelchairs starting at just 14 lbs. Customizable per one’s needs, choose from brands like Ki Mobility, Invacare, Quickie, and many more.

Ultralight Wheelchairs-

Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Rigid wheelchairs are by far the most popular choice in ultralight wheelchairs. A rigid frame eliminates the additional hardware and mechanisms of a folding frame. Its exceptionally easy and efficient to elevate.

  • Most of the rigid frame wheelchairs are constructed from either aluminium or titanium.
  • Perfect mobility solutions for commercial establishments such as hospitals and airports.
  • These wheelchairs are ideal for active users who need a versatile wheelchair for everyday use.

Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs

Folding ultralight wheelchairs offer all the options of a rigid wheelchair with the necessary benefit of being able to fold up. They are wheelchairs which are exceptionally adjustable and adaptable.

  • Easy to propel and perform well indoors and outdoors.
  • Perfect for travel as they are lightweight and are easy to fit in the car, bus or train.
  • These wheelchairs have the best prerequisites to create comfort, functionality and good maneuverability.