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Ultralight Wheelchairs

Ultralight Wheelchair is the lightest version available with variety of frames options: Rigid Wheelchairs, Folding Wheelchairs, Titanium Wheelchairs starting at just 14 lbs. Customizable per one’s needs, choose from brands like Ki Mobility, Invacare, Quickie, and many more.

Ultralight Wheelchairs

Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Rigid wheelchairs are by far the most popular choice in ultralight wheelchairs. A rigid frame eliminates the additional hardware and mechanisms of a folding frame. Its exceptionally easy and efficient to elevate.

Folding Ultralight Wheelchairs

Folding ultralight wheelchairs offer all the options of a rigid wheelchair with the necessary benefit of being able to fold up. It’s a wheelchair that's exceptionally adjustable and adaptable.