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Upper Body Positioning

Upper Body Positioning Belts are required for maintaining upright body position on the wheelchair. Pelvic Positioning Belts are combination system combine a shoulder strap and pelvic positioning belt up to five attachment points for secure fit and freedom of movement. Find Chest Belts, Trunk Support and Shoulder Harness for upper body positioning.

Upper Body Positioning

Chest Belts

Chest belts are designed to provide excellent support at the chest part of the wheelchair users. Wheelchair chest belts or chest straps keep the upper body quite stable and positioned while on the wheelchair. Choose from the various chest belts from BodyPoint. Available in elastic and with hook and loop closure.

Trunk Supports

Trunk supports are designed specifically to assist in positioning the body of wheelchair users. We stock anterior trunk supports from BodyPoint. Anterior trunk support with zipper or without zipper, front pull or rear pull, narrow or standard design. All varieties for trunk supports are available.

Shoulder Harnesses

Wheelchair shoulder harnesses in H-Style and Trimline styles. BodyPoint offers both front and rear pull shoulder harnesses. Shoulder harness gives such a fit that keeps the shoulders well positioned and distributes the pressure evenly across the shoulder and the sternum. This enhances respiratory capacity. Buy shoulder harnesses for wheelchair bounds.