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ArjoHuntleigh MAXI 500 Power Base Patient Sling Lift


Care givers daily face with the risk of crippling back pain and injury due to the manual moving and handling of residents. With the right patient lifting aid in place carer safety can be improved and injury-related costs reduced. Maxi 500 is a versatile solution to many general lifting problems like lifting a patient in and out of the bed and on to the wheelchair or commode. The speed and smoothness of the lifting action ensures patients feeling of safety and security and also for the caregivers ability to maintain proper posture and avoid injury.

Key features

  • Safe working load around 500 lbs (227 kg)
  • Powered lift, two detachable batteries and battery charger supplied with each Maxi 500 patient lift
  • Available with a 2 point spreader bar, or with a 4 point Dynamic Positioning System
  • Slings are available in all different variants and sizes
  • Handles ergonomically placed
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering
  • Low reaching boom easily picks up people from the floor
  • Ergonomic and durable hand control
  • Power base, operated via the hand control
  • Dual controls, allow caregiver to operate lift with or without hand control
  • Soft Start/Stop circuitry increases patient comfort and cooperation
  • Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • Available with or without scale
ArjoHuntleigh MAXI 500 Power Base Patient Sling Lift
MAXI 500 Power Base Patient Sling Lift
  • Maxi 500 is compatible with a full range of head and body support slings. Maxi 500 is electrically operated; allows care givers to give their undivided attention to the resident during handling routines.
  • Maxi 500 ensures safety and comfort to the care giver while performing a wide range of everyday patient transfer tasks. A care giver can also raise a patient or person who has fallen on to the floor without needing to make sit up the resident first.
  • All power assisted procedures on Maxi 500 patient lift can be closely controlled by the care giver. It has dual controls; the care giver can choose the most convenient solution for each task by using the handset or the mast control panel.
  • The chassis can be easily adjusted to allow access for the resident transfers involving large chairs, wheelchairs or toilets with the help of handset operations.
  • Maxi 500 is also available with a scale option, allowing the carer to quickly weigh the resident during a transfer. Efficiently integrating weighing into transfer procedures saves time, eliminates a transfer to a fixed scale and makes the routine easier for resident and carer.
MAXI 500 Patient Sling Lift
MAXI 500 Patient Sling Lift
MAXI 500 Patient Sling Lift scale
A single carer can safely raise a resident from the floor. Chassis adjustment enables optimum lift
positioning for toileting.
Operate efficiently via the handset or mast control panel. Ergonomically designed push/pull handles for smooth manoeuvres.
MAXI 500 Patient Sling Lift scale option
MAXI 500 Patient Sling Lift electronic scale
The electronic scale option saves the carer’s valuable time. The electronic scale: Integrates weighing into transfer procedures, Eliminates extra transfer to fixed scale, Saves carer’s time and reduces manual handling.  

Suitable for Doris and Emma
D Doris, who has no capacity to support herself
E Emma, who is almost completely bedridden and totally dependant