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ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift

A mobile passive lifter for demanding care environments

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift

Maxi Move Sling Lift is the best mobile lifting system, and a proven success in care environments around the world.


  • Maxi Move Patient Sling Lift has safe working load of 500 lbs. (228 kgs)
  • It has positioning handles for precise handling during patient transfer
  • Maxi Move ahs SVS (Stable Vertical System) which has vertical lift, anti-swing, jib, pivot point spreader bar attached and clip sling design
  • Slings comes with a body contoured design for maximum cofort of the patient; slings are available in seven sizes XS to XXL and slings are colour coded for ease of use.
  • On the spreader bar there is a colour coded bar chart to find out the correct sling size.
  • Electrical opening chassis operated via the handset control
  • Maxi move has a battery discharge indicator with coloured display to display the power left in the battery.
  • Handset to provide complete contorl when working with residents.
  • Seconday operating controls mounted on the mast of Maxi move sling lift

Maxi Move can:

  • comfortably and securely transfer pediatric to bariatric patients weighing a maximum 227 kg (500 lbs).
  • handle routine tasks such as the elating, transfers and relocation of patients in ageing care, hospitals and other care locations.
  • be adjusted rapidly for unlike patients or care procedures, making it ideal for facilities with a wide range of patient ages, heights and weights.
  • deal with the unexpected – a patient can be securely raised from the floor in the occurence of a fall.
  • support stretchers, making it a good choice for supine lifting of patients in serious care.
  • be equipped with an extended jib for finest transfers to and from bulky molded wheelchairs in special care facilities.
  • be fitted with a two point hanger bar and repositioning sling to allow for harmless and easy positioning or turning of patients in bed.


Caregivers notice a big enhancement in their working atmosphere when they use Maxi Move. Safer, less physically challenging working procedures lead to more satisfied staff. Patients will certainly appreciate being moved in a more relaxed, protected and honorable way.

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift

For the caregiver, working with Maxi Move means….

  • Always working with a well-organized; easy-to-operate method that creates more time for positive communication with the patient.
  • Caregiver doesn't need to use manual lifting, because Maxi Move takes care of raising and lowering the patient.
  • Always being able to provide the right spreader bar and sling for the patient’s needs.
  • Never having to wait to use the lifter because a battery needs recharging.
  • Always being able to work close to the patient because of the handset control.
  • Never having to reposition the patient manually because DPS or Powered DPS provide effortless high-precision positioning during transfers and repositioning procedures.

For the patient, care routines with Maxi Move mean....

  • Patients always being lifted and transferred by a lifter designed specifically to deliver the right level of support.
  • Never having to endure undignified handling by a team of carers, as Maxi Move routines can be managed by one caregiver.
  • Always being lifted or transferred securely and with dignity, without any manual lifting or handling.
  • Never having to be lifted in an inappropriate or uncomfortable sling.
  • Always being relaxed when supported in a semi lie down position in an open style DPS spreader bar.
  • Never having to concern about certain care procedures, because Maxi Move allows reliably safe and relaxed sequences for all care procedures
  • Always feeling secure and protected during processes because the sling does not swing during lifting and transfers.


ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift

Making the right choice of sling : By selecting the most appropriate combination of spread bar and sling according to the patient secures patient comfort and safety during lifting and transfers. Combi attachment system ensures access to the widest selection of spread bars - various sizes of DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), Powered DPS and loop spreader bars, as well as a stretcher frame.

Equipped for diverse care situations : Maxi Move Sling Lift is a passive patient lift designed for people who have no strength to support their weight or who are completely dependent. It provides optimum support for these patients in a wide range of care situations.

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
An optimum solution for supine lifting of patients in acute care... ...rehabilitation sessions using the unique walking jacket... ...or for repositioning and turning patients in bed.


During patient transfers good stability is important for safe and secured operation of the lifter and the patient’s sense of security.

A vertical approach (SVS) : Other than arc lifting principle; Maxi Move offers a different solution – SVS (Stable Vertical System) – which is based on a vertical lifting action that ensures safe, comfortable and dignified transfers.

Safety for Patients : Maxi Move sling lift minimizes any movement for complete safety and security of the patient with the short clip four point sling design. The DPS spreader bar is completely stable with no swing or sway throughout the entire lifting range. Patients who feel safe and secure are less likely to be frightened and uncomfortable.

A stable base for patient weighing : Maxi Move Sling lift provides strong support for every day patient handling procedures as well with more demanding tasks such as transferring heavy patients or lifting supine patients on stretchers. Stability also means that patients can also be weighed while reclining in the sling, with new built-in electronic scale which is optional.

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
A safe and easy way to position patients in bed...
...transfer patients to chairs...
...or lift supine patients on stretchers.


Constant availability and excellent operational reliability ensures a consistent level of high quality care in busy working environments. Maxi Move Sling Lift has proven durability and is always ready for duty.

Staying power: On-board battery provides power for lifting / lowering the patient, powered DPS and opening and closing of the chassis legs. Maxi Move provides consistently high performance at all times thanks to a simple and effective battery management system that ensures the lifter is always ready for use.

Proven reliability: Reliability is built into Maxi Move. The specially designed actuator has been tested to run for thousands of cycles before it needs to be replaced. This durability and long service lifetime also help to reduce the total cost of ownership.

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
The battery power level is clearly displayed. Changing the battery is easy. Maxi Move integrates well with the Carendo.


The Combi attachment is a safe, easy-to-use locking device for all ArjoHuntleigh passive lifters that allows easy interchanging between the market’s widest selection of spreader bars and stretchers.

Spreader Bars

  • DPS stands for Dynamic Positioning System. This open spreader bar (small or medium), used with 4-point clip slings, allows easy repositioning of any patient.
  • The unique Powered DPS solution is an open spreader bar (medium or large) like DPS, but with an added powered function controlled from the handset that makes repositioning of a patient effortless for the carer.
  • Loop spreader bars (small, medium or large) are compatible with a wide range of loop slings. The loop spreader bar also supports the Walking Jacket, which is used in rehabilitation.

Comprehensive range of slings

With maximum flexibility, Maxi Move can be configured to use either clip slings or loop slings, or alternate between the two, depending on needs. There are more than 200 slings in our standard range.


The Combi attachment is compatible with a foldable stretcher frame that supports three types of stretcher: Soft stretcher, Strap stretcher, Scoop stretcher.

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Sling Lift
Combi attachment for maximum flexibility.
Extended jib for extra reach.
Slings for individual needs.
Allows easy repositioning up in bed with stretcher sling.

Mobility Gallery
Mobility Gallery Arjohuntleigh

Suitable for D and E

  • D, who has no capacity to support him/herself
  • E, who is almost completely bedridden and totally dependant