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Lower Body Positioning

Lower body positioning affects the position of the pelvis, balance, and freedom of movement of the upper body. Ankle Huggers are the original patented solution for stabilizing the feet while allowing controlled movement. They reduce joint stress by holding above the ankle, and greatly improve comfort and tolerance for positioning. Engineered for outstanding fit and lasting quality with our patented Laminar Pad™ and proprietary webbing. Ankle Huggers are the most secure means available for holding the foot.

 Ankle Huggers

non-padded-hip-belts Hook-&-loop-compatible-belts
Ankle Huggers Patented reinforcement patch provides enhanced strength between the straps and pads. Circumferential pad shape provides even pressure distribution. Side-release attachment for exact fit. Also available in hook-andloop closure for easy adjustment.

Hook-and-loop Release Ankle Huggers
Sold in pairs (1 right/1 left)
Soft hook-and-loop adjustment strap
conforms to ankle curvature and is
quickly tightened with each use to
ensure a snug fit.
FT210xs Extra Small
FT210S Small
FT210M Medium
FT210L Large
FT210xl Extra Large
Side-release Ankle Huggers
Sold in pairs (1 right/1 left)
Adjustment strap retains its precise
position with every use, and siderelease
buckle ensures strong
closure even with extensive use.
FT220XS Extra Small
FT220S Small
FT220m Medium
FT220l Large
FT220Xl Extra Large

Aeromesh™ Calf Panel
Features our proprietary Aeromesh material. Aeromesh fabric is bonded to a durable stiffener to allow air flow while maintaining shape.
SP103S Small
SP103M Medium
SP103L Large
Aeromesh padded calf straps
Calf straps provide comfortable support,keeping feet safely on the footplates. Retains its shape for the best pressure distribution and durability.
SP102S Small
SP102M Medium
SP102L Large
Hook-and-loop Toe Straps
Toe strap slots are provided on all Bodypoint footplates to allow for easy attachment. Sold in pairs.

Measuring for calf panels and calf straps

 Footplate Mounting Options

Mounted in hanger tubes Mounted high for short leg lengths (requires W404-2 or HW406-2 clamp kits) Mounted at different heights for single leg amputee (requires HW404-2 or HW406-2 clamp kits)

L-shaped extension tube
Ø3/4" (19mm)
FT021 Length: 8-1/2" (22cm)
FT022 Length:12-1/2" (32cm)
Quickie extension tube
Ø3/4" (19mm)
FT026 Length:12-1/2" (32cm)
Fulcrum series extension tube
Ø3/4" (19mm)
FT023 Length: 8-1/2" (22cm)
FT024 Length:12-1/2" (32cm)

Mounting clamp
HW404 Ø3/4" (19mm) X Ø7/8" (22mm)  HW404-2 Pair
HW406 Ø3/4" (19mm) X 1" (25mm)
HW406-2 Pair
Footplate clamp
Clamp permits easy adjustment
of footplate and locks tightly
in position for absolute stability.
FT032 Ø3/4" (19mm)
Footplate Heavy gauge aluminum with
super-tough. FT051 Small Width: 4" (10cm) Length: 7-3/4" (20cm) FT052 Large Width: 4-3/4" (12cm)
Length: 9-1/4" (24cm)
Adjustable Angle

ft111 Small
ft112 Large