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Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid

Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid

Nurmi Neo walking aid / gait trainer helps kids go the distance. Nurmi Neo walking aid has a strong, flexible frame that's designed to promote movement and natural gait. It's one of the lightest frame on the market. It offers highest load capacities. It has height and depth adjustable grip bars and a wide selection of accessories.

Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid gait trainer
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid gait trainers


  • Sporty design available in two fun colors Saturn Blue Metallic and Granny Smith Green
  • Available with three different depth and height adjustable grip bars
    • Grip bar with universal grips be adjusted to reduce the width between grips
    • Extra high grip with forearm supports and vertical hand grips is angle adjustable
    • Grip bar with mini grips is ideal for smaller children because it provides a lower grip height and/or shorter width between grips
  • Anti-tip bars provide stability to prevent tipping
  • Friction brake applies to the rear wheels to slow forward progression/speed during ambulation. Friction can be increased or decreased by adjusting the interior set screws.
  • Caster swivel wheel locks can be locked in straight alignment to help control lateral movement during ambulation. Quick release feature allows for quick unlocking as gait development progresses.
  • Fold up seat helps build endurance for ambulation over greater distances.
  • Storage basket allows personal items to be kept within reach
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid gluteal and pelvic support
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid grip bars
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid grip bars with support
Combined gluteal and pelvic support
Grip bars with universal grips for grip width reduction
Grip bars with forearm supports & vertical hand grips
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid anti tipper
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid reverse roll lock
Ottobock Nurmi Neo Walking Aid friction brake
Reverse-roll lock at rear wheels (can be activated & deactivated)
Friction brake at the rear wheels

The Nurmi Neo is a solid solution for kids who can ambulate but still require extra support.  It’s also great for kids whose gait is improving over time and who need a gait trainer that will grow with them.  Because the Nurmi Neo offers a wide range of standard features and accessories to adapt to the child’s ability, it’s a perfect solution for achieving the best walking possible!

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