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Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion

OBSS custom contoured cushions are designed for patients who require significant postural support to maximize their functional capabilities.

Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion

  • Quickly digitize the client’s shape using CAD/CAM technology
  • Capture a 3D electronic image that can be modified to fit what you want

OBSS is a perfect match for the Ottobock discovery tmax tilt-in-space mobility base, which delivers up to 50 degrees of tilt in a well-designed, lightweight pacakage. 

Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion
Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion
Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion
Discovery tmax with OBSS custom contoured seating

OBSS Vinyl Covered Seat and Back Cushions

OBSS vinyl covered seat and cushions are custom carved to fit and durable, the OBSS seat and back cushions with vinyl covering is the best solution for incontinence patients and patients living in long term care settings.

Vinyl Covering for OBSS Seat and Back Cushions

The vinyl covers are moisture repellant and easy to clean and maintained. The cushions are simply wiped clean thus minimizing caregiver time and reducing the amount of time the patient is out of their seating system. The vinyl covering is durable and difficult for the impaired patient to damage, and the foam cushion will not degrade due to spills or incontinence.

Vinyl covering is available in three colors:
Ottobock OBSS Custom Contoured Cushion
Royal Blue  

Fabrication requirements when specifying vinyl covering:

  • Vinyl-covered seat or back will include a trial fit before the definitive cushion is fabricated.
  • Mounting material is plywood.
  • Cushion laterals must be reinforced.
  • Abduction pommel with a height above 4” cannot be guaranteed.
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