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Ottobock Aquanaut toilet chair

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Ottobock Aquanaut toilet chair is a lightweight, easy to move toilet chair that helps special need children who need mild or moderate support to sit. Aquanaut has a unique aperture and contoured sitting surface that maximizes support and positioning.

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Ottobock Aquanaut toilet chair is the perfect choice for children who are dependent sitters, who have mild or moderate needs for support.  Aquanaut slides on and off a simple bracket that can easily be installed under the toilet seat. Ottobock Aquanaut comfortably supports children in a forward-leaning posture that promotes relaxation, and helps them function better on the toilet. Aquanaut toilet chair is the perfect product to be used in both the home and in school. Its unique aperture and contoured sitting surface maximizes support and positioning, while the knee strap holds the child's hips back into the seat. Aquanaut is lightweight and easy to move, it makes transportation very easy. Aquanaut's rounded shape and smooth plastic construction makes it easy to clean.

Features and Benefits:

    Soft deflector - The soft deflector material protects the child from injury during transfers.

    Optional wall bracket - A wall bracket provides convenient storage for Aquanaut while not in use.

    Optional hip pads - Optional hip pads provide more intimate stabilization of the pelvis, while accommodating the child's growth.

    Toilet bowl adaptor - The same bolts secure the toilet adaptor and your regular toilet seat. Once installed, both remain in place.

    Independent, bi-level foot support - Foot support helps to position the lower extremities to achieve 90° flexion at the knees and ankles and at least 90° flexion at the hips.

    Side lateral supports - The laterals provide trunk support for those children who require it. They can act to cue the child to bring their trunk back to a stable, midline position.

    Variable width aperture - The Aquanaut aperture is slim at the front to maximize sitting support and reassure kids that they "won't fall in." It's wide at the back to make hygiene easier.

    Adjustable knee straps - The knee strap provides backward pressure just below the knees, that aids pelvic stabilization and discourages extensor patterns. Straps are made from a thermo-plastic rubber to avoid complications from latex allergies.

    Contoured sitting surface - The contoured sitting surface helps maintain the legs in abduction and facilitates positioning of the child. Beveling at the front edge of the seat accommodates those children who have slight knee flexion contractures or tight hamstrings and cannot achieve 90° flexion at the knees.

    Removable front (trunk) support - Channeled arm troughs encourage the child to hold the support and thus promote a flexed position of the trunk. When the child holds the support, hip flexion increases past 90° to promote muscle relaxation and minimize extensor patterns. The child gains added stability by grasping the anterior support.

Buy now and get extra 5% discount

  • Base
  • Footrest
  • Deflector
  • Base adapter
  • Front trunk support
  • Adjustable knee strap
Services available:
  • resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP);
  • please call us for product customization as per your requirements
  • product trials; delivery; setup and fitting services available for clients in our local service area
  • client measurements recommended to be submitted along with your order


Additional Info

SKU OB464P101-180-00
Model 464P101-180-00
Brands Ottobock
Technical Specifications
Ottobock Aquanaut toilet chair
Weight capacity 120 lbs.
Normal age range 5 - 12 yrs.
Product weight 11 lbs.
Seat depth 9"
Seat width w/o hip pads 14"
Seat width with 1.25˝ hip pads 11.25"
Seat width with 2.5˝ hip pads 9"
Footrest height 11" overall - 7.5" on one side, 3.5" when flipped over

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