Patient Lifts

Patient Lifts are safe, reliable and easy to handle. They make transfers from one spot to another much easier and more comfortable for both the user and caregiver. Patient lifts are ideal to transfer patients from bed, chair, commode or resting position to a standing position or wheelchair.

Patient Lifts-

Stand-Up Patient Lifts

Stand-Up Patient Lifts are designed for weight bearing practice during transfer to and from wheelchair, bed, commode etc. or to make client tub safer or more convenient for patients, elderly and special needs persons.

  • Aids reduce the possibility of caregiver back injury.
  • Allow quick toileting, stand assist or full support seated transfer.
  • Ideal to use with partial dependent, full dependent patients as well as those needing rehabilitation supports.
  • Ensure dignity in patient handling from a seated to standing position for patients who can put weight on their feet.

EasyStand Sit-to-Stand

EasyStand Sit-to-Stand keeps a user moving all day long with infinite positions that can make activities easier and more comfortable. By alternating a variety of standing positions, the child can tolerate standing for a longer period of time.

  • They are safe, easy and quick.
  • Offer a safe and supportive transition to standing.
  • Perfect addition to any classroom, therapy clinic, and even home.
  • Provide growth so that it can be used for several years to encourage consistency in the teen's standing program.

Power Patient Lifts

Power Patient Lifts allow an individual do be lifted and transferred with minimal effort and greater safety. They consume electricity from an outlet or onboard power-pack batteries to lift the individual.

  • Help reduces the risk of caregiver injury and provide comfort for both caregivers and patients.
  • The lifting is entirely controlled done by a hand control, reducing any physical exertion by the caregiver.
  • Ideal for transferring a patient from bed to chair or chair to bed and during toileting, bathing and showering.

Manual Patient Lifts

Manual Patient Lifts are easy-to-use patient lifts equipped with hand-pumps which operate the hydraulic cylinders. They are an easy way to reduce injuries to nurses, caregivers and patients during transfer, manual lifting or repositioning of the patient to and from wheelchair, bed, commode etc. regardless of weight of the patient.

  • These lifts are completely operated by the caregivers.
  • They ensure the care giver as well the patient feel safe during the transfer.
  • Ideal for safely moving patients from a bed, chair, commode or other resting position to a standing position or location such as a wheelchair.

Slings for Patient Lifts

Slings for Patient Lifts are moving and handling device to be used in combination with the patient lift. They comprise a specifically designed and constructed fabric, which is positioned under and around a patient before being attached to the spreader bar/cradle of a lift to rise, transfer and lower them.

  • Ideal for use at home, in hospitals or nursing homes.
  • They are used to transfer patients safely and comfortably.
  • Provide secure support to the patient and ease of use to the caregiver.
  • Easy to use by the caregiver as well as provide security and comfort to the patient during transfer.

Manual Transfer Aids

Manual Transfer Aids include products like transfer boards, transfer/sliding aids, gait belts, footstools. They facilitate shorter transfers in bed, between two beds, or bed to stretcher by reducing friction between the patient and the underlying surface.

  • They help both client and caregiver in achieving transfers from one place to another.
  • Provide a minimum of load on the caregiver as well as a safe and secure situation for the user.

Lift Walkers

Lift Walkers are an adaptive device that allows patients to remain, as independent as possible, with a greater quality of life by promoting dignity and stimulation. They allow the patient to pull themselves up by holding both poles and having the caregiver steady the walker itself. The patient then has the ability to lift their own body weight without the strain of pulling and tugging from the caregiver.

  • They are compact and are highly maneuverable.
  • Provide a safe environment for both client and therapist.
  • Reduce transfer risks for both client and physical therapist when lifting or lowering the client to and from the standing position.

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts allow patients to be transferred in a safe, comfortable and distinguished way. They provide an easy-to-operate system which abolishes the necessity for manual lifting by decreasing the risk of injuries to caregivers.

  • Offer safe, smooth and easy transfers for both patients and caregivers.
  • Designed for patients with limited mobility or slight to no weight bearing capabilities.
  • Installed in the ceiling of the home and are used to transfer the patient from one place to another.