Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs

Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs offer versatility, functionality and maneuverability. These wheelchairs come in variety of options to select from including lightweight, standard, ultra-light and transport according to one’s mobility needs. Choose from brands we carry like Invacare, Zippie, Quickie, etc…

Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs-

Pediatric Ultralight Wheelchairs

Pediatric ultra-light wheelchairs has a light weight frame design with fully adjustable height, seat and backrest making suitable for children.

  • Comfortable and convenient for user and care givers.
  • Easily fits into tight spaces, foldable and can be carried anywhere.
  • Due to it’s lightweight frame it can be used everyday for smoother activities in terms of maneuverability and handling.

Pediatric Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

Pediatric Manual Tilt Wheelchairs improves child's positioning to help aid feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure, and improve line of sight. They are simple to use, dependable with in-built adjustments to keep up with your child. These wheelchairs can be moved in space and are flexible enough for positioning at different angles.

  • Easy to configure and fits into small places when folded.
  • Rigid and folding with superior strength, durability and reliability.
  • Provide pressure relief by re-distributing weight over a larger surface area.

Pediatric Manual Standard Wheelchairs

Pediatric Manual Standard Wheelchairs with rigid carbon-frame and easy to adjust. Its custom seat width and depth provide proper positioning.

  • Lightweight, easy to fold and offers maximum comfort and security.
  • Meets RESNA standards for manual wheelchairs in product performance.
  • Designed to suit the needs of smaller children and has a variety of outstanding features.