Pediatric Walkers & Rollators

Pediatric Walkers are specially designed walking aids for assisting children with disabilities. They are excellent choice for children with poor stability or less upper body strength. These walkers are used by children and young adults needing assistance while walking or learning to walk.

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  • Alvema atila posture walker

    Alvema atila posture walker is ideal for children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other disorders who have good upper body strength and control, but limited endurance. Atila walker comes with bright yellow frame and easy steering action.

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  • Drive Medical Glider walker

    Drive Medical Glider walker is designed with adjustable handles and legs which make this walker extremely versatile to accommodate virtually any physical requirements of your child.

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  • Lumex walkabout Junior four-wheel rollator

    Lumex Walkabout Junior four-wheel rollator comes with adjustable handle height and comfortable 6" wheels for indoor or outdoor use. Walkabout Junior walker includes a padded seat, a backrest for extra comfort, ergonomic hand grips, and easy-to-operate hand brakes.

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  • Ottobock Yogi anterior walker

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    Ottobock Yogi anterior walker is positioned in front of your child’s body and is ideally suited for very young children. Yogi is available in two sizes and it is suitable for older children and even adolescents.

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  • ReliaMed Reusable Wheelchair Pad 18" x 18" - 2/package

    ReliaMed 18" x 18" Reusable Wheelchair Pad, Ibex Quilted. Non-slip, waterproof, PVC backing. Moderate absorbency 8 oz. soaker. Machine washable. Comes packed in a clear retail package.

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  • TFI double button folding walker

    TFI double button folding walker can be easily folded and has replaceable snap on grips. Over the toilet design of TFI double button folding walker insure stability with its angled front legs and is available in black, blue and red color.

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