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Kinetec Performa Knee CPM

Kinetec Performa Knee CPM
Kinetec Performa Knee CPM

Performa Knee CPM Machine is the ideal choice for knee rehabilitation in CPM therapy. It aligns the knee, hip and ankle joints. The machine consists of a moving leg and foot trough, which is mounted on a plastic base. The padded trough repeatedly straightens and bends the users leg. The machine has an anatomical design and can be adjusted in length to fit children and adults of all sizes. The Performa has a large range of motion. It has a digital-display remote control that can be used to control speed, time, and pain-sensor limits.


  • Anatomical design ensures it perfectly matches knee movement
  • Adjustable in length from small children to large adults
  • Pads designed for comfort, hygiene and easy fitting
  • Remote control with digital display allows easy adjustment of all parameters
  • Large range of motion
  • Full range of accessories are available to suit all clinical needs
  • Plastic leg supports give greater choice
  • Active movement

The Performa provides anatomical alignment of the hip, knee and ankle joints, corresponding to the angle reading on the remote control display. The clear perineal area improves patient comfort. Hand held controls include range of motion, speed, pause, timer and pain sensor limits. A muscle stimulator can also be connected to the Performa. Can be used for patients as tall as 2.06m or as short as 1.1m.

Safety Features

  • The patient can stop and reverse the unit at any time
  • The movement reverses if the load is excessive

Digital Adjustment

  • Electrical stimulation capabilities
  • Session time control
  • Reverse on load function

The state-of-the-art in anatomical knee rehabilitation equipment. UL-approved computerized hand control is completely waterproof, and built-in pediatric capability eliminates the need for costly attachments.

Performa Knee CPM Specifications

Range of Motion Knee: -3° to 130°
Weight 33 lbs. (15kg)
Dimensions 13"W x 42 1/8" L (33x107cm)
Sizing Adult                         Pediatric
Femur 10-20" (25-50cm)     9 7/8" (25cm)
Tibia 11-23" (28-58cm)    11 7/8" (30cm)
Total 21-43" (53-109cm)   21 5/8" (55cm)

Safety Information

Please consult your physician and/or healthcare professional before ordering.

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