Permobil Wheelchairs

Permobil Wheelchairs are designed to effectively support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of active users. They offer greater aid to independence and an enhanced quality of life. Permobil offers exciting range of wheelchairs and seating systems for both adults and pediatric – for outdoor and indoor use.

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Permobil Wheelchairs-

Permobil Rehab Wheelchairs

Permobil Rehab Wheelchairs combines style with convenience, functionality, durability and comfort. Permobil rehab wheelchairs are designed to be highly durable in order to stand up to everyday use that offer an optimized comfort experience by providing just the right level of support and functionality for the user.

  • Custom seat design which increases comfort.
  • Smart design with thoughtful features and a comfortable style.
  • Wheelchairs are aimed with internal pressure relieving systems.
  • Easy to disassemble designs, long lasting batteries and extra cushioning for the best possible fit and positioning.

Permobil Pediatric Wheelchairs

Permobil Pediatric Wheelchair is designed to grow with a child for years to come, while it is scaled to fit the needs of children. When it comes to wheelchairs, young children have a different set of needs than adults, Permobil pediatric wheelchairs are built with rugged motor and front-wheel-drive technology which provides safety, affordable mobility solution for the child in care.

  • Tilt feature offers improved stability for the child.
  • Seat width and depth adjustability, elevating legrests, and other versatile features.
  • Comes with a standard adult power base, and the expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit.
  • These wheelchairs are sleek, colorful, and functionally, and are typically lightweight and adjustable.

Permobil Standing Wheelchairs

Permobil Standing Wheelchairs integrate the newest technology with approved adaptability and sophisticated design and reliability also provides optical brilliance and mechanical superiority. Permobil standing wheelchair is custom-manufactured for particular physicality and designed to make people healthier and stronger. Standing can be achieved from either a sitting or a horizontal position, enabling the user to move about throughout the day and remain comfortable.

  • Modular design ensures optimal fit with room for growth.
  • Strong and robust wheelchair with good outdoor performance.
  • Features a front-wheel drive base and a rugged suspension system.
  • Comfort is combined with maneuverability indoors and reliable performance outdoors.
  • Promotes circulation, allows for optimal kidney and bladder function, and improves muscle tone.

Permobil Seating Systems

Permobil Seating System is designed with versatility and durability in mind. A technically advanced chassis is shaped with the last detailing that tackles all the most difficult challenges. Permobil seating system is a creation of strong tubular material, making it a rugged option for any lifestyle, the seating system modular enhances the functionality through changing in size and power functions.

  • Offers the perfect blend of stability and agility.
  • Twin casters provide improved stability and bearing pressure distribution.
  • The chassis is wider and stronger, the backrest and armrests has been adapted to cope with heavier loads.
  • Seating system is limitless; depth, width, height, and angle of multiple seat components that can be adjusted or customized.

Permobil Wheelchair Accessories

Permobil has been a forerunner in the power wheelchair industry, making attractive features like front wheel-drive, custom seating more commonplace and attainable for everyday mobility users. Get accessories for Permobil power wheelchairs and Permobil LifeStand manual wheelchairs. One of the highlights of the brand is their wheelchair accessories.

  • These accessories can be easily attached and positioned on the wheelchair.
  • These are the add-ons for Permobil Wheelchairs which helps the user in one or the another way.