Permobil Wheelchairs

Permobil Wheelchairs are designed to effectively support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of active users. They offer greater aid to independence and an enhanced quality of life. Permobil offers exciting range of wheelchairs and seating systems for both adults and pediatric – for outdoor and indoor use.

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Permobil is leading manufacturer of power wheelchairs for more than 40 years developing products that positively impact the mobility and daily lives of people with disabilities. From Pediatric power wheelchairs to Custom Rehab Wheelchairs and custom wheelchair seating. Permobil has it all.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Permobil Pediatric Wheelchair is scaled to fit the needs of children. They grow with a child for years to come. Children and young adults have different needs those of adults, permobil pediatric wheelchairs are built with rugged motor and front-wheel-drive technology which provides safety, affordable mobility solution for the child in care.

Standing Wheelchairs

Permobil Standing Wheelchairs adapts the newest technology with sophisticated design and reliability to make people healthier and stronger. Standing can be achieved from either a sitting or a horizontal position, enabling the user to move about throughout the day and remain comfortable. Permobil incorporates new technology with visual skill and power-driven superiority to get the wheelchairs done for users.

Power Wheelchair Accessories

Permobil power wheelchair accessories get attractive features like front wheel-drive, custom seating and much more attainable for everyday mobility users. These accessories and add-ons can be easily attached and positioned on the wheelchair, which helps the user in one or another way.