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Accessories Anterior Assist Anterior Tilt
Our selection of unique accessories has been created to enhance your clients’ comfort, positioning, stability, and quality of life. more info... Anterior assist is available on our tilt and tilt/recline UltraLow CG system and offers limited anterior (forward) tilt about a fixed axis. The rear position of the seat remains constant while the front lowers 5° - 10°. This system design provides effective pressure reduction and transfer assistance. A separate power module designed to allow up to 30° of anterior tilt, while maintaining full posterior tilt capabilities. The rear of the entire system (ie: tilt or tilt/recline) is raised. This module is intended for use with our UltraLow system, and is particularly effective with our elevating module to aid in day-to-day activities including self or assisted standing transfers and visual field orientation.
Armrests Electronics Elevate
Our sturdy and durable armrests help support the arm with minimal play, and can be flipped back for easy, obstruction-free side transfers. We offer an extensive variety of easily adjustable and removable armrests for virtually all client needs, from pediatric to bariatric. Our state of the art electronics allow users to operate their power positioning system in a simple and safe manner. Our electronics range from programmable motor control relay boxes, power cables and actuator harnesses, to a wide range of operating switches, toggles and specialized controls. System electronics will vary with the complexity of the seatingsystem to which they apply and the type of power base on which they are installed. Designed to interface with all power base electronics platforms and pecialty drive controls – including Delphi, Q-Logics 'Curtis' & Mark VI. The elevate module allows users to raise their entire power positioning system 5", 6", 7" or 8" (dependent on weight capacities) above the lowest seat-to-floor height of their system.
ESR Front Rigging Horizontal Tilt
ESR (extended shear reduction) is synchronized with recline to reduce the amount of shear between the client and the backrest. This is accomplished using a linkage that slides the backrest on the backposts as the back reclines. Our wide range of power and manual front riggings are available in an array of styles and sizes to help secure and position clients’ legs. In addition, we carry a multitude of legrest hangers to accommodate your front rigging choice. The horizontal tilt system is an innovative highly adjustable power positioning system that can be configured for a client to operate in a prone, supine or side lying position. It features a unique adjustable center section with telescoping angle-adjustable supports on both ends to assist with visibility, repositioning and transfers.
Lateral Tilt Low STF Modules
Our lateral tilt module enables a tilt or tilt/recline system to tilt laterally (side to side) in either direction. The system can also tilt or tilt/recline when laterally tilted. This feature is effective for pressure reduction, as well as aiding in client transfers, and can also help alleviate digestive pressure and respiratory issues. Whether it’s at a desk or behind the steering wheel, lower seat-to-floor heights can significantly improve accessibility for people in wheelchairs. Seat-to-floor (STF) is measured from the floor to the bottom of the seat pan. STF is dependent on the characteristics of the power base. Our modular UltraLow CG system is designed to provide dealers and therapists with the ultimate in versatility, flexibility and adjustability. The modular system can be readily adapted from base to base. Modules can be added and subtracted with minimal time and effort.
O2 Holder Power Sliding Back Precline
We offer a variety of both fixed and articulating O2 holders. Whether your clients use a portable liquid unit or a compressed gas cylinder, our sturdy, durable steel O2 holders accommodate most sizes and shapes of O2 cylinders from the most popular portable unit manufacturers. a The power sliding back allows the back pan to be adjusted vertically (up and down) as a separate seating function, independent of recline and/or in synchronization with recline. This feature is effective for individuals that sit for extended periods of time as it allows for simple repositioning of the back and head, and ffectively 'scratches' the client’s back. An option available with recline systems, precline adjusts the back angle of the seating system into a forward position, in effect 'sandwiching' the client to aid with posterior tilt. This can assist in transfers and other functional tasks, while also working to accommodate certain types of skeletal deformities.
Recline Seating Specialized Systems
The recline function enables users to infinitely change the seat to back angle of their system within a set range. This helps open up their hip angle and distributes their weight more evenly on their chair, which typically reduces pressure and increases comfort. Most recline systems extend up to 174°.a The MaTRx seating line provides expert seating solutions for a wide range of client needs, from cushions and bases, to backs and other accessories. These amazing products can help maximize comfort, give support and stability for a wide range of clients — pediatric to geriatric, from those with limited mobility to more active individuals. Our talented team of product designers and engineers quickly adapt or create customized, market driven, and often groundbreaking solutions to meet individual clients’ needs. These systems are uniquely built and customized, and many become part of our standard product offering, as market demands dictate.
Tilt Uplift Ventilator Support Options
The tilt function enables wheelchair users to infinitely change their position by tilting a fixed seat frame around an axis of rotation of up to 55°. Most modules are available with a tilt system.a Designed to assist clients with forward transfers, this system can achieve a near standing position by mechanically opening the back angle and extending the platform while the seat is lifted forward. Not modular with posterior tilt. Also see anterior tilt. A variety of vent trays and battery trays are available to suit many clients’ needs. Vent battery trays are ideally mounted onto the power base rather than on the back of the seating system, to ensure that the additional weight is distributed properly for stability. Our vent trays and battery trays are typically designed to maintain a short profile, as not to compromise the drive characteristics of the power base.