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Powerchair Components

Midline Joystick Mounting System
The Midline Joystick Mounting System improves accessibility and function. Control units and communication devices are easily mounted within reach without additional chair modifications. The precision-machined construction withstands the toughest daily use.
Midline Arms
Midline Arms support joystick boxes and communication devices weighing up to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg).

 Tri - Lock™ Rotating Shaft Positions Shown with a Straight Midline Arm Bracket.

0° Horizontal driving position
90° Allows user to transfer
90° Press to disengage
240° Moved out of the way for table access

 Joystick Handle Collection

Evaluate and select the best handle style for optimal driving control from our collection of nine flex-shaft joystick handles. Choose a display with handles to fit either 3/16" or 1/4" diameter stems.
* PC130-A KIT
* Fits stem size Ø 3/16"
* PC130-B KIT
* Fits stem size Ø 1/4"

 Bodypoint® has joystick handles to fit every type of user.

3" U-Shaped
PC101A Fits stem size: Ø3/16"
PC101B Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
4" U-Shaped
PC102A Fits stem size: Ø3/16"
PC102B Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
Ball Knob
PC103A Fits stem size: Ø3/16"
PC103B Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
PC104A Fits stem size: Ø3/16"
PC104B Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
Rubber Dome
PC107A Fits stem size: Ø3/16"
PC107B Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
2" Rubber Mushroom Head
PC108AS Fits stem size: Ø3/16"; PC108BS Fits stem size: Ø1/4"
2½" Rubber Mushroom Head PC108AL Fits stem size: Ø3/16"; PC108BL Fits stem size: Ø1/4" Aluminum Top
PC109A-Blue Fits stem size: Ø3/16"; PC109B-Blue Fits stem size: Ø1/4"; Grey/Red available as -GREY or -RED